3B: Men, Women and Children

This will get you all thinking! What could it be?
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This will get you all thinking! What could it be?

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It's a dog's nose! 

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Book review

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3B : Goal
You are going to be able to use direct articles (the) and indirect articles (a, an) correctly.
We will read a text about common stereotypes about men and women and find if they are really true. 

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A fixed idea or image that many people have of a particular type of person or thing, which is often not true in reality.

Which word is being defined here? 

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What kinds of things can be stereotypes?
  • fixed ideas about certain nationalities
  • fixed ideas about men and women

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  • Books open on page 30:
  • Read the "Generalizing" box.
  • Guess what the missing words might be.
  • Listen to the audio recording, we will pause after each speaker to give you all time to complete the gaps
  • Compare your answers with a partner. 
  • We will check the answers
  • The highlighted expressions are useful when you are speaking in general terms. 

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Read the comments again
Do you agree or disagree with what the people said? 

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b. Do you think it's true? 
Let's read the statements, do we all understand them?
  • Get in to groups of three or four
  • discuss each statement

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c. Read the article
Complete the article with the five headings from the statements in b. 

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Read your book before 14th of February
Test week test will be to write a letter to the author of your novel. 

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Homework - Learn vocabulary
File 3 in Book and on Quizlet

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