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Week 6
Monday: Diagnostic test Listening
Wednesday: Diagnostic test Watching + examenbundel
Homework for Wednesday:
Oriëntatietoets af
Friday: Cambridge
Homework for Friday:
page 19 Grammar, page 21 Vocabulary, page 22 Grammar

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Week 5
Monday: Listening CNN News +  Speaking Circles.
Wednesday: Formal letter writing in one lesson.
Friday: Cambridge

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Wednesday: Check Formal Letter - Do assignment on page 12 of the Reader + Bring a dictionary Dutch/English (another formal letter!)
Friday: Cambridge page 9: Phrasal Verbs ex 1+2
Cambridge page 10: Exercise 1+2
Cambridge page 13: Exercise 1+4

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Week 5
Do: Cambridge book page 28
In groups: Do Speaking part 1 page 15

Homework for Friday:
page 19 Grammar
page 21 Vocabulary
page 22 Grammar

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Week 3
Monday: Hand in Blog - Check Formal Letter - Choose your assignment
Wednesday: Hand in Formal letter - Grammar
Friday: Cambridge Unit 2

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Together: Hand in Formal Letter

Work on:
Reading your novel
Exercises page 12, 13 Reader
Grammar page 14 Reader

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Week 2
Monday: start Examenbundel - Blog writing
Wednesday: Formal letter - Vocabulary
Friday: Cambridge

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Homework - Which unit and which skill?
Practice the grammar Present Perfect
Speaking exercise page 12

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Leo + Jelle + Noortje + Coen

Ralph + Fabiënne + Martje + Noah

Latifa + Thijmen + Maya + Coco + Sanne

Nikki + Rosalie + Maya + Nienke

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  1. We go to London every day.
  2. I usually drive my mother's car on Mondays.
  3. We often go to my grandmother on Sundays.
  4. I eat many biscuits at my dad's every Friday.
  5. She works here every Monday.
  6. We play on the beach in the summer.
  7. Sebastian never eats his cereal in the morning.

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At the end of the lesson ..
.. you took notes on writing a formal letter.
.. you found the mistakes in the example letter.
.. you started writing your own letter.
.. you wrote the homework in your planner.

Friday: Watch a video (see Magister) and see if you can find the topics in your Cambridge book.
Look at Unit 1 A Family Affair and do the exercises you want to improve (reading or writing). In class we do the speaking and listening exercises.

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Explain your part

Slide 14 - Open vraag

Wednesday: Reader page 7 Grammar Time.
Friday: Watch the video and identify the topics in your Cambridge book + Look at Unit 1 A Family Affair and do the exercises you want to improve (reading or writing).
Next Monday: Oriëntatietoets is finished.

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This period
Writing test in period
KLT test in Part 1

Reading skills

Cambridge subjects

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Download the reader from Magister
Read the planner for week 1
Today: read the letter from your teacher.
Write your own letter.
Talk about reading results.

Homework Monday: hand in your letter and choose a book.
Homework Friday: Cambridge Unit 1 A Family Affair (choose your exercises)

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