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Welcome h3p!
1. Put your phone in the phonebag
2. Take your book and notebook out
3. Put your pencil case on your table. 

Welcome H4Q! - English
1. Put your phone in the phone bag 
What to do?
2. Take your book and notebook out
3. Put your pencil case on your table

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Today's planning:
Today's planning: 
15' Explanation debate
10' Vocabulary debate
10' Talk about vocabulary
20' Time to prepare for debate

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What did we do last lesson?
WASP-text recap and exercises

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A debate is when two groups of people have a discussion about a specific topic, and they each present their own arguments and ideas about it. They try to convince the audience that their point of view is correct. There is a moderator who makes sure that the debate stays on track and everyone follows the rules.

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During the debate, each team presents their arguments, and then the other team has the chance to respond and present counterarguments. The audience might also have the chance to ask questions and make comments. At the end of the debate, each team has a short closing statement to sum up their arguments.

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The idea of a debate is to present different opinions and to help people understand different perspectives on the topic being discussed. 

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Our debate...
Debater's guide: first 2 pages to be filled in before the debate

2 against 2 
4 against 4

(depends on the topics and books chosen)

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Our debate...
1 minuut per persoon om je argumenten te delen
dan 10 minuten om een 'rebuttal' voor te bereiden
Rebuttal wederom 1 minuut per persoon.

Daarna komt de clash, bij dit onderdeel ga je tegen elkaar in. Je hoeft niet meer op elkaar te wachten. Wanneer dit klaar is is het debat dan ook afgerond.

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Wie is er aanwezig?
1. De kandidaten (dus 2-2 of 4-4)
2. Timekeeper
3. Chairperson
4. Feedbackgivers

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Evidence: facts, statistics, or examples that support your claim
Reasoning: logical explanations for why your evidence supports your claim
Logic: clear and sound reasoning that follows a valid line of thought
Relevant: information that is directly related to the topic being debated
Persuasive: words and phrases that are likely to convince others to agree with their point of view
Counterargument: addressing and refuting opposing points of view

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You've got 10 minutes to find out word that you can use to:
1. Form and share your arguments
2. Oppose counterarguments
3. Rebuttal
4. Clash

(Just a tip: Write down in your debater's guide!)

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Do the exercises
Do the exercises

Need help?

You may whisper.
Timer (20 minutes)
First ask your neighbor. If you still need help, raise your hand. 

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