Article writing

Article writing
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Article writing

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Before writing your article
  • What type of article are you writing? (website, newspaper)
  • Who is your audience? (adults or young readers?) -->
  • Formal/informal style? 
  • Make a list of points (e.q. arguments)
  • Plan your article (bullit points per paragraph)

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  1. Start off with a catchy/inviting title
  2. Write your introduction p.1 (what is your general point?)
    Make sure that you try to get your readers interest
  3. Write the body p.2&3 or (maybe 4) --> one issue/argument per paragraph
  4. Write your conclusion p.4 (or p.5) --> summing up your text

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Make sure to...
  • Divide your article into pagraphs (regel overslaan tussen de alinea's)
  • Use linking words
     (first, second, but, however, although)
  • Stick to one or two tenses (do not shift from present-past-future too often etc)
  • keep your punctuation and vocab in mind!

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Create your own heading

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Create your own heading

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Create your own heading

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Create your own heading

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Do Assignment 1+2 on p.12&13 from your Article writing booklet. 
Then do Assignment 3A or 3B p.15

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