Introduction Term 3

Term 3
  • Discussion
  • Essay
  • Reading Comprehension (CITO) 
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Term 3
  • Discussion
  • Essay
  • Reading Comprehension (CITO) 

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In groups of 3
Overall duration: 20 minutes
Novel: 10 minutes
Own statements: 10 minutes

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Keep in mind that ...
It is a formal discussion, so use formal vocabulary and avoid slang. The novel 'The Tattooist of Auschwitz' will be discussed based on statements about the plot, the characters, quotes and themes.

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1. Choose two classmates with whom you would like to do your discussion in the test week. You may not choose your partner for the presentation in test week 2.

2. Choose a topic. You may choose the same topic as your presentation was about. Note: everybody chooses his/her own topic.

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3. Come up with two statements about your topic. The statements should preferably include the word ‘should’ to make sure they are argumentative.

 4. Watch one or more 30 to 60-minute documentaries dealing with your chosen topic and search the net for informative articles about your topic. 
Tip: Free online quality newspapers are, for example, The Guardian and the Independent. is a brilliant site for documentaries.

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5. Write down arguments in key words in favour of and against both your statements. Remember that it is a discussion and not a debate, so just like when writing an argumentative essay, you bring up your opponents’ point of view too and discuss solutions. Do NOT write down your arguments in complete sentences and try to memorize them word for word. Then you will be down-marked for reproducing written English and you cannot show your teacher you are fluent. 

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6. Make a list of at least 15 topic-specific words from the material you have collected and study them so you can use them naturally (i.e. without looking at a paper) in your discussion to get a good score on vocabulary.


7. Sit down together with your partners and try out your statements. If you notice that your statements do not work, change them!

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The Tattooist of Auschwitz
by Heather Morris

The story of Lale Sokolov
1942 - 1945

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What comes to mind when you
think about Auschwitz?

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Meeting Lale Sokolov

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Meeting Heather Morris

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Some more background information:

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This week
(Hopefully you have already started reading in Term 2...)

Read pp. 1 - 97 for Monday the 8th of February

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