Present perfect vs past simple

Goals for today
To understand when to use the present perfect and when to use the past simple 
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Goals for today
To understand when to use the present perfect and when to use the past simple 

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What two parts make the present perfect?

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What do regular verb end with in the past simple?

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Difference present perfect and past simple
  • The present perfect is used when there is a link to the past and now. Either:
  1. Unfinished action/state
  2. Result (that we see now)
  3. Experiences (Life)
  • The past simple is used when the action ended in the past and there is no connection to the present.

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When do you use a Present Perfect?
* events which started in the past but the effect is still noticeable in the present (unfinished action/state, result)
* experiences in the past (date is not important)

I have known Sally for 10 years. (You still know her now)
I can't run, I have broken my leg. (Your leg is still broken at this moment)
I have been to London six times. (Date is not important, you might go again)

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When do you use the simple past?
Activities/events which happened is the past and have ended in the past. A time reference is often mentioned.
I broke my leg in 2014 (8 years ago, and you are better now)
I moved house last month (This month I am now living in another house)

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Present perfect: for, yet, never, ever, just, already, since,

(F.Y.N.E   J.A.S)

Past simple: last, ago, in 2010 (Date), yesterday


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If these words are in a sentence you have to use the present perfect
  • F   for  (+ time reference)
  • Y   yet
  • N   never 
  • E   ever 

  • J   just 
  • A   already
  • S   since 

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When the present perfect is used?
(Name one or more of the situations)

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When is the past simple used?
(Don't just say verleden tijd)

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I lived in Rotterdam in 2021
I have lived in Rotterdam since 2021
Present Perfect
Past Simple

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I have known him all my life.
past simple
present simple
present perfect
past perfect

Slide 12 - Quizvraag

My cat died last week.
present simple
past simple
present perfect

Slide 13 - Quizvraag

Last night Stephen (to write) ______________ an email to his friend in Canada.
has been writing
has written

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Stephen, (you - to call) ________________your brother yet?
have you called
did you call
you called

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I (always to know) __________________________ that I wanted to be an actor.
have always knew
always have known
have always known

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Surely, you (not, to forget) ___________________    that she sang in a musical when she (to be)

did not forget
haven't forgotten
was going to be

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I .... him an hour ago.
have seen
have been seeing
didn't saw

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He ..... there since 2015
has worked

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Fill in past simple or present perfect.
Jack .........(finish) his exam an hour ago.

Slide 20 - Open vraag

I ..................(be) a teacher since 2010.

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Unit 4: Lesson 2
Ex. 4, 5
Complete Ex. 6 as a writing exercise first before using it as a speaking exercise

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I understand when to use the present perfect and past simple
Past simple but not the present perfect
Present perfect but not the past simple
Yes, I understand them both

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