Welcome to the Ulster Transport Museum

Visiting the Ulster Transport Museum with your school
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Visiting the Ulster Transport Museum with your school

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What do you think you might see at the Ulster Transport Museum?

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The Ulster Transport Museum tells the story of transport and social change in Ulster. It is a place to be inspired by big machines and big ideas. Schools have been visiting the museum since it was first built in the 1990s!

During your visit, you can learn all about how people explored the world on planes, trains, cars and more. You'll also discover the ongoing innovations that are shaping transport of the future...

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When you arrive at the museum, y
our class will be welcomed by our team. We will show you where you can leave your bags and have a snack. We'll also tell you more about what you can see and do at the museum.

Listen carefully to the team - they will help you get the most out of your visit! We'll give your teacher a map to help find your way around...

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The Ulster Transport Museum has two gallery buildings with a brief outdoor walk between them. In Gallery A, you will find the Rail, Tram, Titanic and Car galleries. Gallery B contains the Celtic Wave and Museum of Innovation exhibitions. 

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What will I see?
You will see real trains, cars, buses, motorbikes, trams and much more! Each exhibit shows us how vehicles have changed over time, and helps us to imagine how they will change in the future.

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What can I do?
Several galleries have interactive elements - including audio-visual touch panels, green screen experiences to try out and more!

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Can I get on board the trains?
Yes, you are allowed to get on board many of our trains and some other vehicles in our exhibitions, unless told otherwise by signs or our visitor guides on the day. 

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Who will I meet?
You will meet staff from the museum team who will greet you when you arrive. If you're booked onto one of our tours or workshops, a member of our team will be with you during your visit. 

There may also be other visitors or school groups at the museum on the day of your visit. 

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Remember to stay with your group!
It is really important to stay together in your designated group. This might be your whole class if you're doing a workshop, or smaller groups if you are going around with your teachers and leaders. Stay with your grown ups, so that everyone can get around the site safely. 

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What are you most looking forward to, on your visit to the Ulster Transport Museum?
Seeing the old vehicles
Meeting the museum team
Having a day out with friends
Getting on the trains
Seeing the Titanic gallery

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How do you feel about visiting the Ulster Transport Museum?

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We can't wait to see you!
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