M3 week 16

Get out your books
Turn on your camera
Keep your microphone muted, unless you have a question
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Get out your books
Turn on your camera
Keep your microphone muted, unless you have a question

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Periode 4
PTA 4A Schrijfvaardigheid 
                (niet herkansbaar, telt 4x mee voor examendossier)

PTA 4B woordenschat en examenvaardigheden
                (niet herkansbaar, telt 2x mee voor examendossier)

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During this lesson
- informal letters do's and don'ts

Goal: I know the rules of an informal letter

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Writing an informal letter/email may sound like a game without rules, but it’s not. When you write to a friend, a family member, a colleague or an acquaintance, it doesn’t mean there are no conventions or do’s and don’ts. The only thing is that there are fewer than in a formal letter/email. 

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Spelling is extremely important in a letter/email. Other people will get a bad impression of you when your writing is full of errors. So use a spelling control (UK) when you write on a pc or a dictionary when you write on paper. 

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Likewise, grammar mistakes will distract the receiver from enjoying your letter. Use the correct word order and tense.

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Punctuation is another thing to notice (and use). Although some people talk without ever stopping, a comma is generally used wherever you would normally take a breath. In other words, in longer sentences there should always be a comma. A question needs a question mark (?) and when you make something specific you use a colon (:). We arrived at our destination: London Paddington station. 

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Practice letter 2
Er komt een school uit Engeland op bezoek. Om te voorkomen dat leerlingen in die week de weg kwijt raken als ze vrij zijn, krijgt elke leerling een routebeschrijving vanaf een makkelijk te vinden punt in de stad naar school. Dat is natuurlijk Den Haag Centraal.  Vanaf daar kunnen zij dan met jouw routebeschrijving naar school lopen.

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sla linksaf

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sla rechtsaf

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ga rechtdoor

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