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In deze les zitten 11 slides, met interactieve quizzen, tekstslides en 1 video.

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Today's Planning:
  1. A  new sitting plan: get used to it!
  2. Warming Up-Turning Tables (5-10min)
  3. News- what comes to your mind (3-5 min)
  4. Talking about the news with Steve (8 min)
  5. Your choice (5 min)
  6. News report (5-10 min)
  7. Present the news (10 min)
  8. Evaluation

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The goals of today's lesson
  • get to know what's going on in the world
  • present the news in English

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  1.  Let's see how creative you have been, you will get into the teacher's role.
  2. Please read all 7 (!!!) writing pieces on Padlet (link below) and decide which one you liked the most and which one didn't appeal to you at all. Give me some justification for your judgment. Write down your notes using the KEY words. ( in your notebooks)

Link to your Creative Writing H3b:

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What do you associate with the news?
Take a moment and fill in the mind map.

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Slide 6 - Woordweb

Slide 7 - Video

  • Now search the internet for a piece of news that is interesting for you and get to the bottom of the topic.
  • This will be YOUR news item to present later. 
  • Helpful link with many news items:
  • Time: 5 minutes


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You will work in groups of 5 and present your news to each other. Decide which one was presented in the most interesting way and why. Time max.10 minutes

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Whose story have you found most interesting? Type in the name of the reporter.

Slide 10 - Open vraag

What did you learn today? Name it...
Did we achieve today's goals?

Slide 11 - Open vraag