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Wedding in Hungary
In Hungary most people get married on a Saturday afternoon. All couples have to get married in a registry office, and those who are religious have a church wedding, too. In the registry office, the ceremony is led by a registrar, and the couple and their two witnesses sign the register. The two ceremonies might be on different days, and in this case the couple dress up differently for the two occasions. In the church, the bride wears a long white wedding dress with a veil and a trail, and the bridegroom an elegant dark suit with a white shirt and a tie.

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The bride holds a bouquet, and the
bridegroom has a buttonniere. After the ceremony there is a reception, which in villages is often held in a big tent. At the reception several kinds of dishes are served and the new couple cuts the wedding cake. At midnight the couple change their clothes and the so-called bride's dance starts. All the guests dance with the bride and give some money to the couple to contribute to their new life together.

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The new couple usually gets cutlery and crockery, pots and pans, all kinds of kitchen equipment, things for decorating their flat, bed and table linen, and gift vouchers.
The friends of the fiancé organise a stag night for him. It can be house party or they can book a room in a restaurant or pub. They drink and eat and enjoy themselves all night. A similar party, called a hen party, is organised by the friends of the fiancée where only women are present.

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