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Chapter 1: D Speaking & Stones

Aim: After this lesson I know how to maintain a conversation!

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Let's check
What was difficult?
What was easy?
Exercise 19: Any funny examples?

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Speaking & Stones
You are going to learn how to maintain a conversation

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How do you do this in Dutch?

Slide 5 - Open vraag

Let's listen to 
Communication talk Podcast.

What is body language?
How can you use this?
Why is this important?

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Speaking & Stones
Let's go through the exercises in pairs
Speak up!

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Exercise 24
Role plays!

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Student A
You have day off and plan to go out and buy tickets for a music festival. As you walk down the street, you run into your friend.

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Student B
You run into your friend. Tell him/her about your plans to be a volunteer at a concert next week

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speech card 1
Page 258

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Swap roles
Student B <=> Student A

Change the role into explaining your new hobby that you want to introduce to your friend

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Swap roles
Change the role into talking about how you would like to go on holiday with your friend to ........ (eigen bestemming).

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Maintaining conversations
Keep going, ask questions, use filler words!

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Slide 15 - Tekstslide

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Finish Chapter 1: D Speaking & Stones
Study the sentences
Be able to use them and complete them!

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How do you study words?

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