Past Simple vs Present Perfect

Past Simple vs Present Perfect
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Past Simple vs Present Perfect

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1) Korte herhaling grammar

2) Exercise A: put the verbs in the correct form

3) Exercise B: correct the mistakes

4) Practice the irregular verbs

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Past simple vs Present Perfect
Past simple: is finished and you know when it happened.
yesterday, last week, a month ago, in 1990, etc...

Present perfect: (1)just finished / you notice the results now, (2)still going on now, (3)experience, (4)don't know when it happened.
Signaalwoorden: for, yet, never, ever, just, already, since, lately
Ezelsbrug = FYNE JAS

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Present Perfect
*Started in the past and still continuing now
*just finished / you notice the effects(results) now
*no time indication
+ = have/has + 3rd form or verb-ed
- = hasn't/haven't + 3rd form or -ed
? = have/has + subject + 3rd form or -ed

for, yet, never, ever, just, already, since, lately 
Ezelsbrug = FYNE JAS
I have had breakfast

They have played piano.

She hasn't walked in the rain

Have we eaten food?

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Past Simple
* happened in the past and is finished. (tijdsindicatie)

+ = verb-ed / 2nd form

- = did not (didn't) + verb

? = did + subject + verb

The man played piano.

She swam in the sea.

He didn't sell his tickets.

Did we play all night?

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Exercise A
Put the sentences in the correct form of the past simple or present perfect

Type the whole sentence!

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She (to be) to Paris many times.

Slide 8 - Open vraag

Bill (to work) for that company for 3 years already.

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(They - to go) to London on holiday last summer?

Slide 10 - Open vraag

(you - to read) this book yet?

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(you - to watch) any films lately?

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His parents (to be) here yesterday.

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I (to have) a couple of toasts for breakfast this morning.

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He (not - to live) in Rome since he was a teenager.

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Exercise B
Correct the mistakes.
Type only the correct form of the verbs.
Type correct if there is no mistake in the sentence

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Did your brother maked a mistake yesterday?

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I have not seen you in class yesterday.

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Jenny has written a lot of songs.

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I can't find my keys. I lost them.

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I visited him in the hospital three times this month.

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They did not the wash yesterday.

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He catched the ball.

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I have not done my homework.

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Exercise C
Practice the irregular verbs on Jewels of Wisdom 

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