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What makes up a classroom management plan?
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What makes up a classroom management plan?

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What is a discipline plan made up of?

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A classroom management plan:
  • creates a safe
  • positive
  • consistent environment
  • where teaching and learning can take place 

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Students wants to know exactly what will be happening.
One reason they fail is that they do not know what to do.

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If you do not have a plan for your classroom, then the students will plan the classroom for you.

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The Plan
The plan is created from the procedures, techniques, strategies, and solutions that we have been and will be learning about.
You will select from these to help you construct an effective classroom management plan.

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The effective teacher:
starts the school year and every day with a classroom management plan. She also spend the first two weeks teaching students to be in control of their own actions within a predictable classroom environment.

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Accepting procedures

A procedure or set of procedures must be present every time you want something done.

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Creating  a Classroom Management Plan
  • The plan is a living document that changes as needed
  • It's a step by step guide for how to run a classroom.

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without a plan
research says that sixteen percent of new teachers never make it beyond their first year of teaching and;
fifty percent will not make it beyond five years.

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Getting started page 27
What questions should I ask?
Find the two questions that are the heart of your classroom Management plan.
Share them with the class. 
You have 3 minutes..

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  • Read pages 30 - 35
  • Name some ways to present your plan to students of all ages.
  • Write your answers on the chart paper
  • How did the following teachers present his/her plan?
  • Person 1: page 30-middle of p.31.
  • Person 2: page 31- top of p.32.
  • Person 3: p.32. Sue Moore-33 left bottom
  • Person 4:p. 33 Jeanette Weinberg
  • Person 5 p.34 Alex Kajitani
  • Person 6: p 34-36 Sarah

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QR Code 8

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Management consists of three major actions p. 31
  1. Management creates a plan: Explain
  2. Management Implements the plan: Explain
  3. Management assesses the plan: Explain

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Name the procedures in the song
QR Code 7

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Procedures from QR 8

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Ways to present plan

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Management consists of 3 actions. What are they?

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List the steps to Bernie's modified modeling

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