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Future goals
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Future goals

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The future ...


He will  buy   four tickets for the show. 

We are going to  see   a video. 

= toekomende tijd

= iets beloven, aanbieden, aankondigen, voorspellen (geen bewijs)
= iets van plan zijn, gaan doen, gaat gebeuren (bewijs)

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Future: to be going to + ww

I am going to see a play next Saturday.
Look at those clouds! It is going to rain.
Watch out! These books are going to fall!
= toekomende tijd
= iets beloven, aanbieden, aankondigen, voorspellen (geen bewijs)
= iets van plan zijn, gaan doen, gaat gebeuren (bewijs)

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Soorten zinnen be going to + ww
bevestigend: I am going to ask his name.
vragend:      How is he going to go to work?
ontkennend: You're not going to believe what I saw.

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Exercise: online/book
  • where - they - meet - tomorrow
  • Where are they going to meet tomorrow?

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Key ex. 17 A
  1. Who are you going to visit this weekend?
  2. How are we going to get a refund?
  3. What are you going to do?
  4. When are your parents going to go on holiday?
  5. How is he going to get more money?

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Exercise 17.B     p.15


  1. I am going to visit my best friend.

  2. We are going to return the parcel.

  3. I am going to exchange this jacket.

  4. They are going to go in April.

  5. He is going to get a job.
Vb.  Where are they going to meet tomorrow?
 ->  the park
Vb.  They are going to meet in the park.

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Wanneer gebruik je toekomende tijd
iets aanbieden
iets beloven
iets aankondigen, voorspellen

Voorspelling (geen bewijs) =       prediction

Van plan zijn, gaan doen (bewijs) = intention

Use of future tenses in English 
I will get you some more tea.
Anne will call you back later.
They will be home at six.

I think that Tom  will get  a good grade.

Tom is going to do his homework tonight.

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Future: will + ww

I will help you in a minute. (belofte)
It will be dark soon. (aankondiging)
I will get you something to drink. (aanbieden)
= toekomende tijd
= iets beloven, aanbieden, aankondigen, voorspellen (geen bewijs)
= iets van plan zijn, gaan doen, gaat gebeuren (bewijs)

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Soorten zinnen will + ww
bevestigend: I will ask his name tomorrow.
vragend:      Will he (or they/yougo to work?
                   Shall we (or I) start next week?
ontkennend: We won't become famous.  (= will not)
                    I/you won't start before Friday.
                    She/he/it won't swim in cold water.

Try the same sentences with 'be going to'. Do you sense the difference in meaning?

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What will the cat do?

Slide 14 - Woordweb

Ex. 18
  1. It's late, it ___ (be) dark soon. 
  2. ___ you ___ (pass) your scooter exam? I hope so. 
  3. Did you see that advert? I ___ (buy) that new phone tomorrow. 
  4. If I win the lottery, I ___ (buy) a new house for my parents. 
  5. The prisoners have dug a tunnel and ___ (escape). 
  6. Me and my classmates ___ (go) swimming next week. 
  7. My dad has bought some lovely trees. He ___ (plant) them in our back garden. 
  8. I ___ (not shoot) animals. I think that's a crime! 
  9. I'm so tired. I ___ (brush) my teeth and go to bed. 
  10. My dad thinks he ___ (catch) a giant fish one day. 

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Key ex. 18

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de toekomende tijd
is in het Engels:
the present
the future
the past
the continuous

Slide 17 - Quizvraag

Take off my skin.
I won't cry, but you will.
What am I?

Slide 18 - Woordweb

Na deze les, 
wil ik...
de uitleg nog 1 keer horen
meer voorbeelden krijgen
meer oefeningen maken
de leerstof thuis nog even bekijken
overgaan naar nieuwe leerstof
nog iets anders (vul de vraag op de volgende slide in)

Slide 19 - Poll

Nog iets anders, namelijk...

Slide 20 - Open vraag

Hoe vond je 
deze les?

Slide 21 - Poll

What did you like
about this lesson?

Slide 22 - Woordweb

What would you change
about this lesson?

Slide 23 - Woordweb

Welke tijden kun je vinden in de volgende song?
-> vul de (werk)woorden in zodra je ze hoort!
be going to
present continuous

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