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In-class activity
Opdracht 1A + 1B
Opdracht 2A + 2B

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You are writing a formal email to Mr Green. How can you start your email (salutation- aanhef)?

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You are writing an informal email to your friend. How can you start such an email (aanhef)?

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You are writing a formal e-mail but you don't know the surname of the person you want to send your email to. How can you start such an email (aanhef)?

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Correct this sentence taken from a formal email: i'm writing this email because i haven't received my parcel yet

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I am writing this email because I have not received my parcel yet.

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You started your email with "Dear Mr Green". How should you end it?

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You started your formal email with "Dear Sir or Madam". How should you end it?

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You started an informal email with "Hello Lisa". How should you end it?

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Coursebook page 16
Exercise 1A+1B
Read the two emails written by the same person but in two different styles (formal and informal)

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- Vocabulary quizz in Forms 
- How to write memos

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What is a memo?
- Try to find out what a memo is
- When is it used
- What are some of the characteristics of a memo (Checkbook - blz 198-199)

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characteristics of memos

Slide 22 - Woordweb

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What is the difference between a memo and a business e-mail
You don't have to start a memo with a salutation (aanhef)
Memos are exchanged between people working in the same organization/company
Memos usually focus on one topic/problem
You have to end a memo with: Yours faithfully or Yours sincerely

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Let's write one memo together 
Je schrijft een memo aan je baas over een fout die je gemaakt heb.
TO: Mr Prescot
From: Emily Robins
DATE: 3 March 2021
SUBJECT: wrong price

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1. Mr Prescott, ik heb een grote fout gemaakt.

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Ik heb een verkeerde prijs gebruikt voor een camera.

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Dat werd duidelijk omdat een klant zijn kassabon op de toonbank had laten liggen.

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De klant had een Fuji camera gekocht en ik heb het prijskaartje van de Canon camera genomen.

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De Fuji camera is 89 pond duurder.

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Mag ik een nieuwe rekening sturen met de juiste prijs of heeft u een beter idee?

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Moet ik de klant bellen en zeggen dat het mij spijt?

Slide 32 - Open vraag

Kunt u mij zo snel mogelijk bellen?

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Het spijt me heel erg. (je naam)

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To: Mr Prescott
From: Emily Wilkins
Date: 1 March 2021
Subject: Wrong price
Mr Prescott, I've made a big mistake. I used the wrong price for a camera. It became clear/obvious because the customer left his receipt on the counter. The customer bought a Fuji camera but I scanned/used the price tag of a Canon camera. The Fuji camera is 89 pounds more expensive. Should I send a new invoice with the right price or do you have a better idea?
Should I call the customer and say that I'm sorry? Can you please call me as soon as possible? I'm really sorry. Emily

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Let's get down to work!
A2: choose 1-2 exercise from page 240-241
B1: page 274
Upload your assignments in FORMS (het liefst in Word bestand)
Once you are done read the theory about letters of complaint

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