Chapter 3 paragraph 1: Energy and climate change

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At the end of this class
you can explain the difference between fossil fuels and sustainable energy sources 

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Wat is dit en wat doet het voor je?

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the power that makes things work

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Fossil fuels
  • Fuels that were formed over the course ofmillions of years from the remains of dead trees, plants and animals. 
  • Example: oil, natural gas, coal
  • These fuels can run out
  • They can increase the greenhouse effect (the earth warms)

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Sustainable energy sources

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Sustainable energy sources
  • An energy source that does not run out and does not increase the greenhouse effect.
  • Also: renewable energy source
  • Examples: wind- water or solar energie

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To work
  • Read paragraph 3.1
  • Make assignments paragraph 3.1
    (see workplanner)

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What is the difference between fossil fuels and sustainable energy sources?

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