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Klas 1V   les 1 listening

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Welcome dear students
For today:
- Introduction
- What can you expect this year?
- Listening skills

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Please tell me more about your...
- Name
- Age
- Residence
- What do you do in your spare time?
- Favourite food
- Favourite music

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What to expect this year
Duration: 2 periods

 1st period => reading, listening , speaking ,  conversations & grammar
 2nd period => writing  & portfolio assignments magazine & Tell Sell
Studypoints: 1  => O/V/G
Exam levels:
Listening => B1           Writing: A2                Conversations: A2
Reading => B1                                                     Speaking: A2
 We are going to discuss themes connected to the outflow profiles you are going to follow next year. In every skill.

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Depends on your score for the level test.
A score of B1 for both reading and listening => dispensation for 1 period
A score of B2 or higher for all skills => ready for exams

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Dispensation part 2
- Next period you're going to work on you Portfolio assignments for the 3rd year. 
- If you finish both of them with a sufficient (Voldoende) and on time you don't have to follow the English classes anymore in the 3rd year.
Tell Sell

More information will follow in the next period.

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B1 students
Listening:Chiel, Elza, Lars & Louise
Reading: Gijs

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Being a live audience

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What is a live audience?
A group of people who look at and listen to other people talking.

Slide 10 - Tekstslide

Examples of situations where you are a part of a live audience

Slide 11 - Woordweb

Goals for listening to something
- You want to be informed
- You want to form an opinion
- You want to know how to do something.

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Listening & watching

You're going to watch a TED Talk about phones.
Listen/watch carefully and answer the questions.

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Slide 14 - Video

How many times a day do you use your phone or just check your phone?

Slide 15 - Open vraag

Which symptom is not a symptom of phone addiction?
checking your phone every 5 minutes
panicking when you lose your phone
stressing when you can't check your phone
being able to put your phone aside

Slide 16 - Quizvraag

What is the purpose of the detox centres Tanner refers to?
they will help you get over your addiction
they will help you to come over your fright of travelling
they wil help you to eat better
they will help you to sleep better

Slide 17 - Quizvraag

What could be the start of an addiction?
Checking social media every day
Using all kinds of social media
Posting photos and like the fact if a stranger likes it
Responding on others

Slide 18 - Quizvraag

What does Tanner describe in this part?

Slide 19 - Open vraag

Does Tanner want to talk to his grandparents?
Absolutely, he calls them for hours
Absolutely, but not too long
Well, yes, however only through texting
He absolutely despites it

Slide 20 - Quizvraag

What does the sign stand for?
A commercial
To tell people to actually pay attention to the match
Information about the game
Supporting the use of the devices

Slide 21 - Quizvraag

What does the blue light coming from your phone do?
Making you sleepy
Affecting your sleep - you can't sleep
Distracting you from playing games
Waking you early in the morning

Slide 22 - Quizvraag

What do you do when you don't use the phone?

Slide 23 - Woordweb

Assignment being a live audience
Watch this presentation again and create 5 more questions.
This is an indivual assignment.
Hand in your questions on It's Learning.

Slide 24 - Tekstslide

           Beating the bullies

Slide 25 - Tekstslide

what are the kinds of bullying?

Slide 26 - Woordweb

Physical bullying
- hitting, 
- kicking, 
- pinching and pushing - damaging property

Slide 27 - Tekstslide

Verbal bullying
- name calling, 
-racist remarks or  -verbal abuse

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Slide 29 - Tekstslide

  • excluding others online
  • abusive or hurtful emails, images or videos
  • imitating others online or using their log-in

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You are going to watch ‘Beating the Bullies’. This documentary shows how a primary school in England tackles bullying 

Slide 31 - Tekstslide

While watching this documentary you'll receive a worksheet.
Write down the answers to the questions or take some notes.
Hand in the answers next week.
Use word and hand in the answers in It's Learning.

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