3.1 the Greek world

The Greeks

3.1 The Greek world
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The Greeks

3.1 The Greek world

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The time of Greeks and Romans was
from 3000 BC till 500 BC
from 1000 BC till 500 BC
from 3000 BC till 500 AD
from 1000 BC till 500 AD

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3.1 The Greek world
In this section you will learn:
  • how autonomous city states formed in Greece 
  • how the Greeks spread out over a large area 
  • what contact the Greeks had with each other and other people 
  • characteristics of society in Athens 
  • characteristics of society in Sparta  

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Greek mythology tells us a lot about the time of the Greeks, for example that there were cities

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The Greek world around 500 BC.

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City states (polis/poleis):
  • The Greeks lived in an agricultural- urban society.
  • Ancient Greece was it was not a united state, but consisted of several city-states
  • These city-states were autonomous; they had their own government and army

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Many Greek cities formed around an acropolis

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You can continue working on your comic

When you're done, you can watch the histoclip about Ancient Greece:

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Which statement about the Greek city-state is incorrect?
A city state is a city with a surrounding area.
A city state was the most important city in a state in ancient times.
Greeks called a city state a polis.
Each city state had its own laws.

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Do you any questions about the comic- assignment?
(if yes, what's your question?)

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