Chapter 1 - Lesson 3 - Paragraph 2 - oil

Chapter 1 - Nigeria 
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Chapter 1 - Nigeria 

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Today's Lesson 
To do:

- Workbook questions last class 
- Explanation Oil in Nigeria
- Work in workbook 


- Influence of oil on Nigeria's economy

-Influence of foreign companies on the GNP

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Parts of Nigeria are religious hotch-potch. What does this statement mean?

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Nigeria is a federation. Explain what this means, using the word Autonomy

Slide 5 - Open vraag

The different states 
within the country 
have autonomy. 
This means they get to 
decide on certain rules 
and regulations for 

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What is a positive result of giving the states autonomy?

Slide 7 - Open vraag

What could be a negative result of giving the states autonomy?

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Oil in Nigeria
Large oil fields in the south
12% of Nigeria’s GNP 
Nigeria’s biggest export product
70% from the governments income
> invested in education, healthcare,
infrastructure etc.

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The Oil industry is Nigeria's biggest strength as a country

Slide 10 - Poll

Shell in Nigeria
look at the 

What do you 
think the artist
means with 
this drawing?

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I believe the cartoon means....

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Shell in Nigeria 
Shell is responsible for 40% of the Nigerian oil production 

Nigerian government depends on Shell.  

 After colonialism: former colonies kept supplying core/western (rich) countries with raw materials

Next class: Neo colonialism 

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Task - workbook
1. Stay in de online class but muted.  

 Workbook A –Paragraph 2 – Page 9: exercises 1, 3, 5 
+ Make a description yourself: what is neocolonialism 

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