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Questions and Negations
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Questions and Negations

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Today's class

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Can and To be
  • To make a question with am, are, is and can, you put it at the beginning of the sentence.
  • A few examples:
      - You are a student -> Are you a student?
      -Fish can swim -> Can fish swim?
      -  He is late -> Is he late?

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Other verbs
  • With other verbs, we use Do and Does to make a question.
  •  We use Do with I, you, we, they. Does with shit.

  • With to have got, we do not use Does or Do.
  • Have is moved to the front, got stays in the same place.

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  • You add not or n't after the verbs are, is and can to make a negative sentence.

  • You write can + not as one word: cannot.
  • The short form of I am not is always I'm not.

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Negative sentences: other verbs
  • With other verbs, you add do not/don't or does not/doesn't and you use the verb without to.
  • With to have got you add not or n't after have or has.

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Questions and Negations in the Present Simple
Make questions (?) or negations (-)
Let op hoofdletters, vraagtekens en punten!
Gebruik de verkorte vorm als dat mogeljk is  (dus niet: I am, maar I'm)

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Turn the sentence into a question.
Birds can fly.

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Turn the sentence into a question.
He is 12 years old.

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Turn the sentence into a question.
We are tired.

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(?) He has to do the chores.

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(?) Steven has got a new bike.

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(?) They are at the pool every week.

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(?) The class speaks English.

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(?) My friend and I like swimming.

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(-) He puts peanut butter on his sandwich.

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(-) I have got a bag of crisps.

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(-) Minions like bananas very much.

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(-) I am a very happy person.

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(-) Pete gets angry.

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finish / your test / early / you / always

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Iron / my mum / every weekend / our clothes

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always / it / in / the / holidays / rain

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my father / ever week / work / until / eight p.m.

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