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Second year
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Second year

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Second year
Inhalen Product Presentation: Simon, Margreet, Jente, Rianne, Dylan, Lesly                                    23 November - Teams

Unit 5,6,7

Examen Lezen/Luisteren B1 (Centraal examen) - Periode 3
Examen Spreken A2                                                         - Periode 4

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Unit 5 Orders are orders
Listening Ex. 2/108

Fill in the table.
Exercise 4/109 - Translate the sentences
Track 19

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Ex. 4/109
1. We would like to order 400 pcs of model number CBR...
2. I would like to place an order for 200 ATB bikes.
3. I would like the biggest of the two models.
4. How many wardrobes/cabinets would you like to order?
5. Is there anything else I can do for you?
6. I am afraid they are not in stock at this moment.They will arrive next week.
7. .I would like to change my order if that's possible.
8. Could you make four pieces instead of three?
9. I am sorry, I have to cancel my last order.
10. Until which date can we change the order?

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Ex. 6/110-111

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Unit 5- Orders are orders
  • Explain possesive (bezit vorm)
                                 Ex. 7 - do & check
  •     Read The Top 5 Ways to Turn a Complainer Into a Positive Person  - page 112                              

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's - voor mensen
Ilse's phone is missing
Robin's jacket is red
Where is the manager's office?
My husband's car is very fast.
Where are the children's toys?
These are women's clothing.
There are men's jeans.
's - voor namen
Charles's wife is Camilla/ Charles' wife...
Where is Bryan's phone?
Is this Anna's car?

's voor dieren
My dog's fur is white.
The cat's tail is black.
's - voor plaatsen / gebouwen

The country's economy is growing.
The world's economy is...
Let's meet at the Bijenkorf's.
Go at the butcher's and buy a sausage.
The bank's employees got fired.

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's - voor tijd en afstand
Did you read today's newspaper?
I didn't receive yesterday's review.
Last year's vacation was awesome!
He walked a 10 kilometres' distance.
of - álleen voor DINGEN
The colour of my shoes is blue.
The roof of the house is red.

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Do ex. 7/ pg 111


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Ex. 7/111
1. the manager's office
2. the department store of the future
3. yesterday's order
4. the price lists of two weeks ago
5. at the butcher's
6. three hours' overtime
7. the buying policy of the head office
8. January's sales figures
9. an hour's break / a one-hour break
10. last year's promotion campaign

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Forms to express possesion

De naam van mijn broer is...-
de email van gisteren -
de beslissing van de manager -
de presentatie van Niels -
de auto van Michel -

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      Understanding a short text
Read : The top five Ways to Turn a Complainer Into a positive Person/page 112
Match the 5 advices with the Dutch translations A-B-C-D-E

A- Een klacht is een gelegenheid om meer omzet te draaien
B- Als je iemand hoort klagen, vraag hem de klacht in een verzoek te veranderen
C- Laat de andere persoon zich concentreren op wat ze echt wil bereiken
D- Vraag een klager om een positieve houding te nemen als ze met jou is
E- Vraag degene die klacht wat hem écht dwars zit.

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Understand conditions of warranty
Read: Limited warranty - page 112
Answer the 4 questions - page 113 - in Dutch

examples of "acts of God"

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Write an order
You must order the articles in Ex 10 - page 113-114
Write the letter + fill in the order form

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Learn for Test Unit 5
Words at page 126

Sentences: Ex. 4, 6, 7, 15, 18, 21, 22

Hand in: letters Ex. 25+26

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Ex.14/pg.116 + Ex.17/pg.118

Check  the sentences of  
Ex. 15 - page 117 
 Ex. 18 - page 119
Make Ex. 21 - page 121
track 22
Track 21

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Ex. 18/119
1. I'm sorry Madam, I can't tell this over the phone.
2. I think it's better if you come to the store.
3. Can you come to this department immediately.
4. We are having a small problem with a few customers.
5. Madam, would you mind going to my colleague at checkout nr 6? Thank you!
6. So if I understand you correctly, the saleswoman wouldn't listen to you.

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7. We never sell something from the shopping window, Sir. I'm sorry, but it's our policy.
8. Of course this one is more expensive than all usual brands.
9. What do you want to use it for, Madam?
10. Can you checl how many of those radios we have in stock?

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Ex. 21/121
1. Do youi want to pay cash or by cheque?
2. Don't you like this one?
3. Don't you want to try on this jacket?
4. Do you stil have the receipt?
5. Do you have a specific amount in your mind?
6. Do you already have a customer card?
7. Could you call back this afternoon?

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8. Do you know our credit scheme?
9. Did your husband try to clean the device himself?
10. Can't your wife come to the store herself?

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Ex. 15/Page 117

1. You will get a two-years' guarantee on all cash desk equipment.
2. The guarantee stops if the product  is used for wrong purposes.
3. The guarantee is not valid for parts made of glass.
4. Our customers service is available 24 hours a day.
5. Our after-sales service is free for the first six months.
6. The guarantee is not valid anymore if you attempt to repair the product yourself.
7. Keep the receipt with the guarantee card.
8. I am afraid youir guarantee has elapsed a few months ago.
9. You can order parts directly at the manufacturers.
10. Fill in the guarantee card and return it as soon as possible in the attached selfaddressed envelope.

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Prepare Ex. 16/117-118

Choose 1 dialogue and prepare it

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Ex. 18/Page 119

1. My appologies, Madam, I can't talk to you over the phone about this.
2. I think you could better come to the store.
3. Could you come to this department immediately?
4. We are having a little problem with a few customers here.
5. Madam, would you mind going to my colleague at cash-desk 6? Thank you.
6. So, if I understand you correctly, the salesperson wouldn't listen to you.
7. We never sell anything out of the shopping window, Sir, I'm sorry, but that's your policy.
8. Obviously, this one is more expensive than all our other brands,
9. And what exactly do you want to use it for, Madam?
10. Can you check how many of those radios we have in stock?

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Ex. 21/page 121
1. Would you like to pay cash or by cheque?
2. Don't you like this one?
3. Wouldn't you even like to try this jacket?
4. Do you stil have the receipt?
5. Do you have a certain amount in mind?
6. Do you already have a customer card?
7. Could you call back this afternoon?
8. Do you know our credit scheme?
9. Did your husband try to repair the device himself?
10. can't your wife come to the store herself?

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Ex. 22/page 122

1. Who sold you these chairs, madam?
2. When did you buy these shoes?
3. Which model do you mean, Sir, this one here or that one there?
4. Which day would suit you best?
5. What was the complaint about?
6. Why didn't you retrurn to the same cash-desk?
7. What did they tell you exactly at the customer's service?
8. Whose turn is it?
9. Whose plastic bag is this?
10. How do you like this colour?

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Reading - Ex. 23
Read "Selling to the top"
at page 123

Answer the 10 questions at page 124

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Writing assignments
Write the letters of ex. 25 + 26
Hand in


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Pay attention how you write these words:
  • WITH
  • Hoofdletter in het begin vd zin!
  • Hoofdletter voor naam

WEL : Dear Mr Norton,
            Dear Geoff,
Dear Sir / Dear Madam
NIET: Dear Sir Norton
         : Dear Mister Norton
         : Dear Mister Geoff Norton

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Words Unit 5
  • een bestelling plaatsen bij - to place an order with
  • hoeveelheid, aantal - quantity
  • stuksprijs - unit price
  • vanwege een staking - due to a strike
  • een boodschap achterlaten - to leave a message
  • spoedbestelling - rush order
  • verzendkosten in rekening brengen - charge shipping costs
  • een bestelling wijzigen - change an order
  • een bestelling bevestigen - confirm an order
  • een bestelling annuleren - cancel an order
  • inkoopbeleid - buying policy
  • potentiele klanten - potential customers
  • consument - consumer
  • verkeerd gebruik - misuse
  • fabrikant - manufacturer
  • orderbevestiging - order confirmation
  • defect, mankement - defect
  • kreditplan - credit scheme
  • winkelbeleid - store policy
  • een klant naar een collega verwijzen - to refer a customer to a colleague
  • rondkijken(in een winkel) - browse

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  • bezorgkosten - delivery charge
  • indeling van een winkel - layout
  • voorkeur - preference
  • aanbevelingen doen - make recommendations
  • een verstandhouding met de klant opbouwen - establish a relationship with the customer
  • productkennis - product knowledge

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Leren voor de toets
Test Unit 5:
Words at page 126 : Nl-En/ En/Nl

Ex. 4, 6, 7, 15, 18, 21, 22

Test Unit 5 - 6 January

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Round up Unit 5

Case 5 : Reading - page 128

Case 5 - Listening - Track 23

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