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Welcome back
Friday 03-06-2022
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In deze les zitten 19 slides, met interactieve quizzen en tekstslides.

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Welcome back
Friday 03-06-2022

Slide 1 - Tekstslide

How are you and what are you going to do this weekend?

Slide 2 - Open vraag

Learning goals
- focus on speaking

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What are we going to do today?
Introduction activity – Name 3 things ..​
How far along are you with making your video?​
Speaking activity​
Taalblokken - writing​
Survey about taalblokken 4 ​
Making exercises in taalblokken

Slide 4 - Tekstslide

Introduction activity - name three things:
Name 3 things yellow​, name 3 things you do in the morning​, name 3 things that smell​ nice, name 3 things that you can't touch​, name 3 ocean's ​, name 3 things you have in your bag​, name 3 things you would like to do this weekend & name 3 things that are pointed

Slide 5 - Open vraag

How far along are you with your video?:
Did you watch inspiration video's?

Slide 6 - Poll

How far along are you with your video?:
Did you already thought of a topic

Slide 7 - Poll

How far along are you with your video?:
Did you already shared the topic of your video with me?

Slide 8 - Poll

How far along are you with your video?:
What is the topic of your video

Slide 9 - Open vraag

How far along are you with your video?:
Did you already film your video?
I will this weekend

Slide 10 - Poll

Last but not least, are you done with the speaking assignment?

Slide 11 - Poll

Secret door speaking assignment
Go to https://flipgrid.com/478c9a57
Username is your firstname
Then go to http://secretdoor.notepadwebdevelopment.com/
(add response - options - record screen)
Screen record yourself using Flipgrid while opening the secret door, where did the door bring you to?  What is there to see? What can you do there? How does it look like? Would you like to go there? 

Slide 12 - Tekstslide

Taalblokken – Ch.3 Writing

In this lesson you will learn the following:​
- Write a confirmation e-mail​
- Make short notes

Slide 13 - Tekstslide

Confirmation e-mail
How to write a confirmation email:​
Add an appropriate subject line.​
Confirm the reason for sending the email.​
Address the recipient and tell them what the next steps are or what you expect.​
+ All other relevant details.

Slide 14 - Tekstslide

Make short notes
Five tips for writing short notes:​

  1. Date your notes and make the main topic visible. ​
  2. Don't write everything down – write down the important points.​
  3. Use illustrations and drawings.​
  4. Use headings and sub-headings.​
  5. Keep your sentences short.

Slide 15 - Tekstslide

What do needs to be in your confirmation e-mail and what is a tip on how to make a short note

Slide 16 - Open vraag

Get to work (survey & Taalblokken)
Before you start working in Taalblokken you must make a survey about Taalblokken 4 (the pilot).​
You can find a link to the survey in the next slide
When you are done making the survey, you need to do the exercises in Taalblokken (Ch.3 writing).​ 
Are you done with that? Send me a message on Teams so I can tell you what else you need to do 

Slide 17 - Tekstslide

Slide 18 - Link

Slide 19 - Tekstslide