Valentine poem plus grammar

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Are you going to send a Valentine's Card?
Yes, but I will not put my name on it!
No, I hate Valentine's Day
Yes, of course! The whole school knows it!
No, but I hope I will receive one......

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Vinegar Valentine
Is the opposite of a Valentine poem.
An example:
YouTube is red
Twitter is blue
I have no social life
and neither do you

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All you need is Love
a lesson filled with heartwarming activities 

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At the end of this lesson you:
-  are able to talk about your likes and dislikes 
- have learned more about modern poetry 

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What is a dealbreaker?

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Dealbreakers in a relationship

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Lets talk 
1. turn to an elbow partner
2. discuss relationship-deal breakers
3.  compile a top 3 relationship-deal breaker

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Type your top three here

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Poetry on a romantic day

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* pupils can describe their responses to a poem
* pupils can analyse a poem
* pupils will learn about tone & symbolism

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What words do you think you will find in a poem called 'Valentine' ?

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Do you like the poem?
This poem is NOT about an onion. You have 2 minutes to discuss what you think it is about.
In the poem, there are the themes of love, convention, individualism, and vanity of materialism. As the title of the poem says, it is a pure love poem but unique for the poet's unique expression. The poet metaphorically compares her love to an onion.

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Circle or highlight positive words in the poem
And negative words in another colour

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What is the tone of the poem?
Duffy starts the poem in a negative
tone which is unusual when
describing love. She rejects the
traditional symbols of love and is forceful in her opinion of this 

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At what point in the poem is there a change of tone?
"It is a moon wrapped in brown paper"-Here is the first sign of romance -moonlight is a romantic notion but she
tries to hide it in the ordinary. This is, again, a more honest presentation of love.

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How does Carol Ann Duffy explain the choice of an onion as a Valentine's Day gift? Copy citations from the poem.
The whole poem is based around the idea that love is an onion. She
takes pride in this presentation . She is purposefully unromantic and
honest here. "I give you an onion"

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It is a moon wrapped in brown paper

It will blind you with tears 

It's fierce kiss will stay on your lips 

Its platinum loops shrink to a wedding ring

Its scent will cling to your fingers

Although seemingly romantic, these quotes underline the close contact between violence and passion. Her love is forceful, as well as her gift. 
The loops (in an onion) shrink to a wedding ring - implying that marriage is a shortening or lessening of love. 
The scent of an onion is a symbol of the thoughts and emotions which remain when a relationship has ended. 
The metaphor is extended to show the less positive side of love. Anyone being in love is also at risk of heartbreak. Just as an onion
makes our eyes sting when you cut into it, so too love and heart break can make you cry.

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Not a red rose or a satin heart

Not a cute card or a kissogram

What is the effect of starting the poem with the word 'not'
Duffy starts the poem in a negative tone which is unusual when
describing love. She rejects the traditional symbols of love and is
forceful in her opinion of this. 

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Its scent will cling to your fingers,
Cling to your knife.
What effect does this part of the poem make on the readers?
Word Choice
This quote introduces the smell of the onion and the knife. This is
violent imagery which implies that the relationship has taken a turn.
This is an unexpected end to the poem
The scent of an onion is a symbol of the thoughts and emotions which remain when a relationship has ended. 

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I hope you learned some new notions today.
Symbolism is the idea that things represent other things. What we mean by that is that we can look at something — let's say, the color red — and conclude that it represents not the color red itself but something beyond it: for example, passion, or love, or devotion.
 A simile is a phrase that uses a comparison to describe. For example, “life” can be described as similar to “a box of chocolates.” 
He's as sick as a dog.
A metaphor is a figure of speech that describes an object or action in a way that isn’t literally true, but helps explain an idea or make a comparison.
"It'a moon wrapped in brown paper"

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Try to give a short summary of this poem 
The speaker presents their lover with a valentine in the form of an onion, then explains the reasoning behind this unusual gift. In doing so, the speaker critiques traditional, idealized images of love and argues for more complete and honest portrayals of its effects.
Carol Ann Duffy
Of her own writing, Duffy has said: "I'm not interested, as a poet, in words like 'plash'. I like to use simple words, but in a complicated way."She told The Observer: "Like the sand and the oyster, it's a creative irritant. In each poem, I'm trying to reveal a truth, so it can't have a fictional beginning.

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Poem analysis
I fully understood the stuff about poems
I learned smth but not all
I didn't learn anything ,too complicated

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Think of an object that is not usually associated with Valentine and try to come up with why this would be a good present for Valentine's Day

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Free verse

What is love?
My questions were not original.
Nor did I answer them.
Mornings when I meditated 
I was presented with a nude glimpse of my lone soul, 
not the complex mysteries of love and hate
An ocean voyage.
As waves break over the bow,
the sea welcomes me
She calls me tofu because I am so soft,
easily falling apart.
II wish I were tough and full of fire, like ginger--
like her.
Ghosts have just as good as a right
In every way, to fear the light,
As Men to fear the dark
Sometimes I am so shy and awkward.
My heart's desire would be your friendship
But secretly I long to find the way to your heart

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