5.4 The nervous system

What happens in the image on the left?
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What happens in the image on the left?

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What is the adequate stimulus for the sense of seeing?

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What does a sensory cell produce once it picks up a stimulus?

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What do we call the lowest intensity that can cause an impuls?
Adequate stimulus
Threshold value

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If a stimulus does not go away for some time, it starts producing less impulses in the cell. What do we call this?
Adequate stimulus
Threshold value

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Bs 4 The nervous system
  • You must be able to name the functions of the nervous system. 
  • You must be able to describe the structure of a nerve cell and a nerve. 
  • You must be able describe the three types of nerve cells. 

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Structure of the nervous system
1. Central nervous system (CNS) = Brain and spinal cord
2. Nerves

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How does the nervous system work?
Sensory cell receive stimulus from outside (ex. chocolate
Sensory cells                                                                                                                         = impulses                                nerves   



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Path taken by nerve impulses
2 types of pathways
  1. Conscious reaction - voluntary response, example: girl and   chocolate
  2. Reflex - involuntary response, impulse does not go to the     brain but stays within the CNS
 example: withdrawal reflex = hand touches fire 

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Nerve cell

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Structure of the nerve cell 
1. Cell body - located near the CNS
2. Axon - conducts impulses to and from cell body

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What is a nerve?
nerve = a bundle of axons of nerve cells surrounded by a tough, protective layer

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Motor neuron
Sensory neuron
carries impulses inside the central nervous system
carries impulses from central nervous system to muscles or glands
receives impulses from sensory neurons or interneurons
Receives impulses from interneurons
receives impulses from sensory cells
brings impulses to the central nervous system

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Unit 5 basic 4 the nervous system

Do assignments 5, 6, 7, 8 en 9

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