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(in)direct speech 
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(in)direct speech 

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Indirect speech

Indirect speech kun je vergelijken met roddelen in 'real life'.

Peter: I absolutely hate school.

Peter said (that) he absolutely hated school.

Je vertelt dat iemand anders iets op een eerder moment heeft gezegd.

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Grammar 1: indirect speech
  • How do you write a sentence in indirect speech?

  1. Your indirect speech sentence should look like this: 
    name/personal pronoun + said/told (that) + what was said
  2. Look at the original sentence. Which tense is it written in?
  3. Now that you know the tense, which tense should you use for the indirect speech sentence?

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One step backwards:
present ----> past
buy -------> bought

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One step backwards:
past -------> PAST perfect (NOT present)

jumped --------> HAD jumped (NOT has)
rode -----------> HAD ridden (NOT has)

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One step backwards:
present perfect -------> past perfect
has gathered ---------> had gathered
has bought -----------> had bought

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If it's still true, it stays the same.
She lives in Paris.
She said that she lives in Paris. 

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Indirect speech overview
present -> past

past -> past perfect

present perfect -> past perfect

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Direct + indirect speech 
Indirect speech usually start with:
- He said...
- She thought...
- They asked if...

Indirect speech = past tense

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Indirect speech
Write down the following sentences in indirect speech:
  1. She said: "He  works in a bank."
  2. He said: "We went out last night."
  3. She said: "I'm waiting for the bus."
  4. He said: "I can help you tomorrow."

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Indirect speech
1. *** She said: "He  works in a bank." > She said that he works in a bank
2. He said: "We went out last night." -> He said that THEY had gone out last night
3. She said: "I'm waiting for the bus." ------> She said that she was waiting for the bus. 
  1. He said: "I have bought milk." -> He said that he had bought milk

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I think it has a lot to do with bullying.
He thought it.........
had a lot to do with bullying.
has a lot to do with bullying.
has had a lot to do with bullying.

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I agreed with it.
She told us that she
agrees with it
has agreed with it
had agreed with it

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"I did my homework."
He said that...........

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"I will kickstart your career"
She told him

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"My brother is a famous tap-dancer"
He claimed

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"We can't come to your performance."
They told us....

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I didn't subscribe to a national newspaper.
She emphasized that

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Sam said, " I ate the last cookie."
Sam said

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Suus said, "I met him at the party."
Suus told me that

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Jim said, "I expected them to win."
Jim explained that

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Kathy said, "I have feared that it was true."

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Joe explained, "I thought that we would be done."

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Jill claimed, "She has left the door open again!"

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