2.4: Injuries

Sit on your designated place
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Sit on your designated place

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Sit on your designated place

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How do you feel right now?
Number 1: Angry
Nummer 2: Happy
Number 3: Sad
Number 4: Tired/ Hungry

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Start: Homework
Saddle joint + Condyloid joint

Middle: Injuries!

Who does what? 
Preparing for presentations next week monday!

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Saddle joint / condyloid joint?

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Which body part is often injured?

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The most injuries are caused by...

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(1)Bone injury                    (5) Sore muscles                                     (9)Muscle cramp

(2)Dislocation                    (6)Preventing injuries (Taping)                 

(3)Knee injury                   (7)Muscle tear                                       (10)RSI (fracture)                                       

(4)Sprain                             (8)Bruise


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What: Finish today
Not done? = Homework 

Paragraph 2.4
3, 6 till 13, 15 till 18
How are you going to work?
Quitely! Whisper with your neighbor. Still don't get it?
Put your finger up.
Where can you get help?
From your neighbour first!

For how long do you have to work?
What can you do?
Search information about the presentation you are going to give

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