Writing in paragraphs

Only essays must be organised in paragraphs.
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Only essays must be organised in paragraphs.

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Paragraphs make writing easier to read.

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You should leave one blank line between each paragraph.

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Paragraphs make writing harder to understand.

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There should be one main idea in every paragraph.

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It is a waste of time to make a paragraph plan.

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Paragraphs should usually have several sentences.

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It is always clear when to take a new paragraph.

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A paragraph's first sentence usually tells the reader what the whole paragraph is about.

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When do you take a new paragraph?
It is hard to imagine that mobile phones have only been used by most people for little more than 20 years. For most people today, it would be difficult to imagine life without the good old mobile phone. I use my phone for at least 3 main things. Firstly, I just love to use my phone for taking photographs. I take photographs at least 2 or 3 times every week. I love to take unusual photographs of my friends or family when they are not looking, but I never photograph strangers. 
Not here - this would make a one-sentence paragraph. Paragraphs should have more than one sentence. 
The text is still about taking photographs. 
Good. This paragraph is about using the phone to take photographs so this is a good place to take a paragraph break. 

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What does a paragraph need?
Firstly, I just love to use my phone for taking photographs. I take photographs at least 2 or 3 times every week. I love to take unusual photographs of my friends or family when they are not looking, but I never photograph strangers. Afterwards, I send the photos back to the friends and sometimes I put them on Facebook - although not if they are too embarrassing. It is very important to me that my photographs are well organised so that I can find the one I want quickly. For me my phone is essential for capturing these moments. 
Connecting word
Paragraphs should begin with a clear connecting word. See the list in your handouts in OneNote to find a suitable word or phrase. 
Topic sentence
Introduce the paragraph by beginning with a general sentence which tells the reader what the paragraph is about. 
Concluding sentence
Supporting sentences

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Writing a paragraph
  • Take one idea...
  • Make a point with that idea
  • Explain your point (This means that..This is because...)
  • Give an example (An example of this is... For example...)

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A paragraph should have...
  • P - Make a point  - A topic sentence (with a controlling idea)
  • E- Explain what you mean. Supporting sentences 
  • E - Examples/details

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Let's practise these 3 components

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What was the problem with that paragraph?

Slide 15 - Open vraag

Make another point about the usefulness of mobiles. Start this sentence with 'Secondly..' Explain that you can download loads of useful apps. Give one example of a useful app. Think about how you start each sentence.

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Make a third point on how useful mobile phones are. What word could you use instead of useful in the sentence where you make your point? Could you use essential, necessary or helpful? In this point mention the camera app. Give explanations and examples.

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How do sentence openers/discourse markers help us?
  • Organise ideas and clearly express our thoughts into separate sentences 
  • Avoid over-using words such as 'and' or 'also'
  • Essential for writing at higher levels 

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Is this a paragraph?
I never stop using my mobile phone I'm on it all the time but I really need it because I use it for staying in contact with people and for social media and photos especially sharing photos on social media. 

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Is this a paragraph?
I mainly use my phone for staying in touch with people. I message friends and family and make calls. Additionally, I use my phone to keep in touch with people via apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger. As well as these, I also keep in touch through Instagram and Facebook. My phone helps me stay connected to others. 

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Why is this a good paragraph?
It has sentence openers.
It has a topic sentence, supporting sentences and concluding sentence.
It has at least 2/3 sentences.
All of the above

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Go to Class Notes in OneNote
Write 3 paragraphs to answer the question: 
How do you use your mobile phone? 

Supporting sentences
The topic sentence will be followed by at least 2 to 3 sentences which expand on the topic and give details and/or examples. 

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Write a paragraph on mobile phones. The point you will make is that they are useful (P). You will explain one reason why this is true (social media). You will give an example. Sentence starters could be 'This is because..' An example of this is..'

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