G10 Business Costs Review 2

Tuesday, 22nd February 2024 
Unit 2 
Business Costs 
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Tuesday, 22nd February 2024 
Unit 2 
Business Costs 

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  1. To review business costs, specifically the break-even point.
  2. To review key terms.. 
  3. To finish off project sheet. 

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Operations Unit in the Production department repairs machines and checks orders are done.

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Unit 2 Operation - Break-even and Costs

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LMS Activity 2.8
Choose the correct words to fill in the blanks: total costs, unit, all, price, total revenue, production, loss, higher, profit.

If the total costs are less than 1.___________, the business is making a 2.__________ . If the 3.______________ are more than total revenue, the business is making a 4.___________. Whereas total cost shows the amount of money spent on 5. ___________  output, average cost shows the amount of money spent on a single 6. __________ of output. It is important to know the average cost per unit when deciding on the 7.__________ . The price should be 8. ___________ than the average cost. A business can use cost information to decide if the 9.____________ of a product/service should continue or not. 

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Choose a question to answer:
1. If each employee receives 2000 AED as a salary, how much does the company pay for salaries?
2. If you were the manager of Al Ain Dairy Company, what would you do to increase productivity?

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