Week 38 classes: includes modal verbs (mogen) explanation and how to escape reading

  • Lesson aims
  • Warming up
  • Grammar explanation: Modal verbs part I (mogen)
  • Working individually
  • Checking your answers

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  • Lesson aims
  • Warming up
  • Grammar explanation: Modal verbs part I (mogen)
  • Working individually
  • Checking your answers

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Lesson aims
I can apply three different English modal verbs correctly (both on paper and while speaking to someone).

Ik kan drie verschillende Engelse hulpwerkwoorden correct toepassen (schriftelijk en mondeling).

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Warming up
LessonUp Quiz, 3 questions

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My parents say I .... go shopping with my friends on Sundays. I have to go to church.
may not
might not
am not allowed to

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In the past you .... have lost your hand for stealing.
were allowed to

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.......... ask you a question? It is quite urgent.
May I
Am I allowed to
Might I

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Modal Verbs

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Verb 'Mogen', 3 options:
1 May

2 Might

3 Be allowed to

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1 May/might + infinitive (hele ww)

To indicate that something is permitted (toegestaan), or to ask for permission.
May/might I go to the toilet please?
Let op: May = mogen, might = zou mogen

No, you may not go to the toilet.

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2 Be allowed to + infinitive
Something is not allowed based on the law / a fixed set of rules.

We are not allowed to smoke here
You were allowed to smoke in the classroom in the past

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Working individually, 10 min.
  • Do ex. 13 and 14 of Unit 1
  • Work individually / in pairs
  • Question? First ask a classmate, then ask the teacher

Finished early? Start working on the Test Yourself of U1 (homework)

Homework check: ex. 21, 22 of U1

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  • Lesson aims
  • (Formative assessment vocabulary Unit 1 A-D (20 minutes, including the final check)
  • Video assignment: How to escape
  • Reading practice + working in pairs
  • End of class

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Lesson aims
I test my knowledge about the vocabulary of Unit 1, A-D and the grammar of U1

I further develop my reading- and listening comprehension skills (topic escape rooms)

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Formative assessment vocabulary of Unit 1, A-D

15 minutes

Finished early? Work on your homework for English / other subjects.

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Video assignment: How to escape
While watching, write down:
- what instructions the men are given throughout the game
- what challenges they have to complete 

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Task: Working in pairs
Together with a classmate, you work on the following exercises during the next 10 minutes:
18 t/m 20

Finished early? Complete the Test Yourself of U1

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