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Literature project
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Literature project

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The why and the how
> You will choose a book from the list of options
> You will read it in class and finish it before the deadline
> You will create something in response to the book: a report, a review, a presentation, an alternative ending, a movie, a comparison between book & film ( I will give you a list of possibilities) Alternatively, you can also do a test on the book. 
>This final product/test will be your PO grade. 

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Your options at first glance + level 
- The Magic Finger, Roald Dahl (beginner level)
- The Twits, Roald Dahl (beginner level)
- The boy in the striped pajamas (intermediate level)
- Diary of a wimpy kid (intermediate)
- Fight Club, Chuck Palahnuik (advanced level)
- The Catcher in the Rye (advanced level)
- The Bell Jar (advanced level) 

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Fiction & film
Films have been made of all of these books.
If you want, you can watch the film before or after reading, and compare the two. 

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the magic finger
genre: comedy

A girl has a magic finger and she puts a spell on people who make her angry.

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the twits
genre: comedy

A couple prank each other.

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the boy in the striped pajamas

Novel about a boy living during the second world war and making friends in an unusual place. 

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diary of a wimpy kid
genre: comedy

A high school boy gets a journal and tells about school life. 

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fight club
Genre: satirical novel

A man who suffers from insomnia joins a fight club as a form of therapy. 

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the catcher in the rye
genre: coming-of-age fiction

A teenage boy goes through teenage angst and alienation trying to find a sense of belonging.

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the bell jar
genre: semi-autobiographical novel

A young woman does and internship at a magazine in New York, while her mental state is unstable.

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To do today:
> use the rest of this class to read a few pages of some of the books and choose one
> make sure you bring a notebook so you can take notes and don't lose them. 
> write down 'reader questions' while you read.
> make a word list of new words while you read.

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The when:
> You choose a book today
> You have until 18 March to finish the book
> You have until 1 April to finish your final product

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