The Magic Finger - Roald Dahl (2) Characters


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After this lesson...
  • you can tell about the different characters in the book.
  • You have read a page yourself and made a video of it.
  • You have tried to speak English

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Difficult Words (homework):

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  1. Read together (5 min.)
  2. Read for yourself (10 min.)
  3. Characters (7 min.)
  4. Practice and record (10 min.)
  5. Look back (5 min)

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The Magic Finger
Listen and read along.

Pay attention to the characters in the story!

(Go to your email or teams to find your e-book.)

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  • The girl with the magic finger.
  • William and Phillip
  • Mr. and Mrs Gregg
  • The Ducks
  • Mrs. Winter (teacher)

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Practice reading
  1. First choose a page / kies een bladzijde.
  2. Practice reading for yourself/ lees de bladzijde voor jezelf.
  3. Read in a pair and help each other with the pronunciation/ lees in je tweetal en help elkaar met de uitspraak.
  4. Make a video. You may use Plotagon/ Maak een video, dit mag in Plotagon.

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How does it work?

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Continue reading The magic Finger.

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Looking back....what do you think of this lesson?
What do you think of the book so far?

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Next Lesson
  • Have a look at the predictions
  • Escape room about The Magic Finger

      Homework: Finish the book
  • You can find your book at Teams or in your email

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