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 Social media
Whilst some content may not bother you, 47% of teens report seeing content online they wish they hadn’t seen. You may come across sexual content on your social media, even if you don’t want to. 

Being sent direct messages with sexual language
Comments on posts that use sexual language
Photos or videos being posted of sexual acts
Being sent links to pornography
Adverts showing sexual acts

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Around 1 in 7 young people have reported taking a semi-naked/naked picture of themselves. Over half went on to share the picture with someone else.

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What do you know about pornography?

Slide 4 - Woordweb

  • Refers to sexually explicit material such as images and videos, usually online, intended to cause sexual arousal.
  • Can be viewed on dedicated online platforms owned by large companies. It can also be found on social media sites, apps or website popups. 
  • It is not a reflection of real life sexual experiences and does not show a variety of real-life body types.

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Porn facts
Internet searches between the years  2015 to 2020 revealed that more than 79 percent of the population aged 18 to 29  had watched porn at least once a year. 
In China, it is illegal to produce, transport, duplicate, sell, lend, or disseminate pornographic information by making use of computer information networks, telephones or other means of communication. 
Violators could be detained for 10 to 15 days and may be fined up to   3,000 yuan. 

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Sexting in China 
If you take or receive any nude or semi-nude pictures or video of a person under 18 you can be charged under current child pornography laws – even if the picture is of you.
Teens as young as 14 have been charged under the current laws.
February 2019 saw the deletion of approximately 60,000 WeChat accounts,  the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) reported.

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Slide 8 - Video

What is the impact of watching porn? Name one effect

Slide 9 - Open vraag

Lets think about it ..
What connections can we find  between porn, sexting and social media?

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Teenagers should be educated about the potential dangers of consuming explicit sexual content in media.
Yes, education is crucial for awareness.
No, it's the responsibility of parents.
Depends on school and community involvement.
Prevention is better than education.
Its embarrassing

Slide 11 - Poll

How is the impact of pornography often described?
Promoting healthy relationships
Influencing attitudes and behaviors towards sex
Enhancing communication skills
Improving emotional well-being

Slide 12 - Quizvraag

What is a common indicator of pornography?
Portrayal of romantic relationships
Inclusion of educational information
Presentation of emotional storytelling
Depiction of explicit sexual acts or nudity

Slide 13 - Quizvraag

Which factor is not typically used to describe pornography?
The age of individuals depicted
The artistic value of the content
The explicitness of sexual content
The impact on society and morals

Slide 14 - Quizvraag

What is considered when determining if something is pornography?
The length of the video or image
The presence of violence or drug use
The intent to sexually arouse or satisfy
The use of explicit language or nudity

Slide 15 - Quizvraag

Regulating dangerous sexual content in media is necessary to protect vulnerable individuals.
Censorship can violate freedom of speech.
It's essential for protecting children and teens.
Parents should monitor their children's media consumption.
Regulation is the government's responsibility.
Its schools responsibility

Slide 16 - Poll

Strict regulations should be in place to limit teenagers' access to dangerous sexual content in media.
Yes, regulations safeguard teenagers' mental health.
No, it's a form of censorship.
Depends on parental control and guidance.
The responsibility lies with media producers.
No. Its teenagers rights

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