1.2. 40 minutes ENG NH PI Unit 1 (WB)

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In deze les zitten 26 slides, met interactieve quizzen en tekstslides.

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Getting to know you

New Headway Pre-Intermediate
Unit 1: Questions

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Lesson goals
  • after this class you wil have learned:
  • # how to ask polite questions.
  • # how to answer yes/no questions politely
  • You know the difference between who's and whose

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Lesson schedule

15 min. Grammar: How do you answer a question? 
20 min.  Exercises 
practicing speaking.

5 min. Check your answers

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SB8 - 1
  1. Read the interview  on page 10 and complete
the questions with a word from
the box. 
2. Read the interview on page 12 and complete the questions

Finished? Find examples of the past
present and future.

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Ik vond de les
leuker dan uw andere online lessen
even leuk als uw andere online lessen
minder leuk dan uw andere online lessen

Slide 8 - Poll

How was your lesson?

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Wat vond je van de les?

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Hoe ging de les?

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Wat vond je van de les?

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I feel like I have learned something today:

Slide 13 - Poll

What have you learned today?
Name two things!
Watch your spelling and capital use!

Slide 14 - Woordweb

with the present simple we learned:
affermative: subject + verb 
interrogative: do/does + subject + verb
you need some help...
I walk to school               Do I walk to school?

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But English wouldn't be English if we didn't have
if the sentence contains be (am, is, are), can, must, do, may.
you simply move this word to the beginning of the sentence!
Marty can swim  => Can Marty swim?
Tom and Sarah are twelve years old  => Are Tom and Sarah twelve years old?

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How was your holiday?

Did you work or did you relax?

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in pairs: ask a question about this picture and answer it

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in pairs: ask a question about this picture and answer it

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Watch this 
The Agouti and the Brazil Nut

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Write down 3 questions for this story (2 minutes)

Ask the questions to your partner
(3 minutes) and anwers his/her questions

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Imagine this:
A woman walks up to you at your internship and asks the following questions:
- Excuse me, can I ask you something?
- Do you speak German?
- Do you understand English?
- I have an appointment with Silvia, do you know where she is?
What do you say?

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Pairs ....Talk... 

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  • Student's Book P. 8  and 9 Practice

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What did you think of this introduction lesson?

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Have a nice day!
Don't forget to do your homework!

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