Chapter 5 - paragraph 3+intro 4

What do you recall from the classes about China so far?
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What do you recall from the classes about China so far?

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  • Globalization and migration
  • Urbanization and urban renewal
  • Urbanization and environmental issues
At the end of this class, you will be able to
  • Describe the migrationpattern in China.
  • Describe how urbanization in China leads to urban renewal.
  • Describe how urbanization can cause environmental issues. 

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Globalization (G240)

"A continuing process of international exchanges of people, goods, money and information (knowledge and culture)"

Let's talk about this in terms of pros and cons. 

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Globalization, migration and urbanization
Globalization --> SEZ's

"SEZ's are a pull-factor for multinationals and migrants."

This leads to urbanization
"Rise in the percentage of the population who live in the cities"

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Your teacher says:
"the increasing urbanization rate, leads to the renewal of city neighbourhoods"
Do you think this is true? Why, or why not?


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Urbanization and urban renewal
Urbanization: rise in the percentage of people living in cities. 

For example: in the Netherlands 92,2% of the population lives in cities, in 2009 this was 86.29%

Urbanization rate:  the increase in urbanization level.

For example: in the Netherlands the  amount of people living in cities increases by 0,74% annually 

Urban renewal Renewal of city neighbourhoods

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Urbanization and urban renewal
The increasing urbanization rate, leads to urban renewal:
  • Creating more housing opportunity

However, the Chinese urban renewal is not positive for all inhabitants.  

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What environmental issues, could be caused by urbanization?

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Urbanization and environmental issues
The high urbanization rate, also leads to environmental issues like smog. 

  • increasing use of cars
  • increasing use of elektricity ( a lot of the elektricity is produced using coal)
  • increasing use of gas etc. 

However, there are two other environmental issues in China. We will discuss those next week. 

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Before next week, you need to finish:
  • Workbook B
  • Chapter 5 - paragraph 3
  • Page 12
  • Exercise  6,7 and 9

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