4.5 The Rise of Christianity and fall of Rome

The rise of Christianity and fall of Rome
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The rise of Christianity and fall of Rome

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What do you already know about Christianity?

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Jesus of Nazareth
  • Jesus of Nazareth was a Jewish man traveling trough Palestina. 
  • After death Jezus promised people they would go to a place called heaven and that there was one God.
  • 27-30 AD
  • Jesus gains many followers

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faith: Polytheism and monotheism
multiple gods
human characters
after death in the underworld
1 God
life after death is more precious than life now. 

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A new state religion
  • Persecution stopped when Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity
  • He gave Christians freedom of religion in 313 AD
  • In 392 AD, Emperor Theodosius made Christianity the state religion of the Roman Empire

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A new capital
  • Emperor Constantine was responsible for another big change.
  • He moved the capital from Rome to the east.
  • Byzantium
  • Renamed it to Constantinople 
  • Current: Istanbul

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The split of the Roman Empire
  • Western Roman Empire
  • Capital: Rome
  • Eastern Roman Empire / Byzantine Empire
  • Capital: Constantinople

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Decline and fall of the (western) Roman Empire
  • The split of the Roman Empire was one of the causes of instability in the Western Roman Empire
  • Different Roman 'emperors' were fighting for control.
  • Or partying..  

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Do work

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The fall of The Western Roman Empire
  • Different Germanic tribes were roaming the Roman Empire.
  • Vandals
  • Rome was sacked by the Visigoths around 410 AD
  • In 476 AD the barbarian Odaeker crowned himself emperor of Rome
  • This historical event --> Fall of the Western Roman Empire

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