CAE Reading Part 7

CAE Reading Part 7
Please have your book ready!
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CAE Reading Part 7
Please have your book ready!

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Reading Part 7: Gapped Text
  • Gapped text from which paragraphs have been removed    and  placed in jumbled order after the text​.
  • Six gaps​.
  • Seven paragraphs (one is not needed).Focus: understanding of the overall structure of the text and the way it develops its ideas.

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Check the paragraph fits into the gap
  • Cohesion: must be a grammatical match with something in the previous/next paragraph. 
  • Coherence: must make sense in terms of the meaning of the previous/next paragraph.
  • Text structure: must flow logically (e.g. development of an argument; a series of events).
  • Global meaning: the meaning of the text as a whole.

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Getting started
  • Allow yourself 15 minutes to complete the exercise​.
  • Read the instructions, title and sub-heading​.
  • Skim the gapped text​.
  • Read the missing paragraphs​.
  • Go back and read the gapped text in more detail​.
  • Look at the information before and after the gap.
  • Fill in any easy answers you are sure of and cross them out.

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  • Underline any key words which refer to the previous/following paragraph.
  • ​You might like to write ‘B/C/E’ in the answer slot​.
  • Read the remaining paragraphs again and look for clues.
  • Read the whole text through when you have finished to make sure it makes sense​.
  • ONE paragraph is not needed – check it will not fit in any of the gaps​.
  • Never leave a blank answer!

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Check for cohesion and coherence
  • Does it fit grammatically
       Check references to subjects and people (he, she, it, this)​               and verb forms
  • Does it make sense?
       Check time expressions and linking words (next, finally,                   however)​

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Which car is this?

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Who is this man?

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Over to you:
You need Complete Advanced pages 100-101

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Complete Advanced p.100
  • Skim the text​ (3 minutes).
  • Do not read the missing paragraphs yet​.
  • What is the main idea in each paragraph? 
  • Give your answers on following slides.

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Main idea paragraph 1
effects of driving very fast
effects of driving very slowly

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Main idea paragraph 2
problems of driving at high speed

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Main idea paragraph 3
comparison with a Formula One car​
history of Formula One

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Main idea paragraph 4
how engineers produced enough power
Audi V8

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Main idea paragraph 5
the problem of aerodynamics
how to use a wind tunnel

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Main idea paragraph 6
the reason for the failures
the solution to the aerodynamics

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Main idea paragraph 7
how it feels to drive the car
the size of France

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Now read the missing paragraphs
  • Choose from the paragraphs A-G the one which fits the gap.
  • Time: 10 minutes
  • You can fill in your answers on the next slides

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Question 1

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Question 2

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Question 3

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Question 4

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Question 5

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Question 6

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Which paragraph is not needed?

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What do you need to do in order to score well on Part 7?

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What did you think of this lesson?
Any tips/tops?

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Extra practice Part 7: 
P. 76-77 & 130-131

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