education in GB

How do you think education in de UK differs from education in our country?
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How do you think education in de UK differs from education in our country?

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Education in GB

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what do you already know about
education in the UK?

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Education Comparison
In het Britse onderwijs ga je van je 5de tot je 16 / 18de verplicht naar school
primary school 
years 1- 6   

secondary school 
years 7-11

year 11 ( General Certificate of secondary education) Examen in engels/ wiskunde/ science

Daarna keuze sixth form 2 years A level om door te gaan naar University

of appenticeship  vak leren 
groep 3 tot 8

middelbare school
vmbo 4 jaar  havo 5 jaar vwo/ gym 6 jaar

afsluiten met diploma en dat geeft toegang tot

                 MBO/ HBO/ Universiteit

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public school
the secondary school of the two princes and many other famous people

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- SATs (Standard Assessment Tasks) at the ages of 7, 11 and 14 (some take 11+ test)
- SATs in core subjects English, Mathemetics and Science (and Welsh in Wales).
- Age 16: pupils take GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) in up to 10 subjects
   -> comparable to ‘eindexamen’ in Holland

- At the end of 6th form (bovenbouw VWO) A-levels (Advanced levels) are taken.
- 3 A-levels are required to enter university.
- If you want to take more subjects in 6th form, you can take AS-levels (Advanced Supplementary) for one year.

- Pupils who go to Vocational Training (MBO) take NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications)

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  • Course work/ tests: 7 grades from A – G (A is top)
  • A-levels: 5 grades from A – E
  • GCSE levels: grades from 10 – 4

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School uniforms in primary school
School uniforms in secondary school

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School meals
Extracurricular activities

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