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Humanitarian assistance
Answer the following questions 

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What is humanitarian aid?

material or logistical assistance to people who need it.
To provide food for the hungry.
Building houses in Africa
To teach people how start a new business.

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What is the reason people need Humanitatian aid?
Because people do not have money
Because of war, natural disasters or man-made disaster.
Because they are hungry
Because we want to share our wealth with the rest of the world.

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Who provides humanitarian aid?
Every citizen in a western country
Organizations such as war child.
Ministry of Foreign affairs.
Organizations as Unicef or the Red Cross

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Which of the following is not a Humanitarian organizations?
Save the children
World Food Programme
Red Cross

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What are the differences between Humanitarian aid and Development aid?

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Humanitarian aid is designed to save lives and alleviate suffering during and in the immediate aftermath of emergencies, whereas development aid responds to ongoing structural issues, particularly systemic poverty, that may hinder economic, institutional and social development in any given society, and assists in ...
Form groups,  you will now be given a situation. 
Create a mind map about the people need. 
Think about the Humanitarian assistance/ aid.
What are the steps that need to be taken?
What organization would you choose to help and Why?
Write this down and upload it to simulise.

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The different situations are on the drive in the folder.  And they are in the slides 10 till 18

The class can work in break out room in de meet and when they are not finished they can do the rest at home. 
In Class
Discuss all situations after creating the mind map, sketching the needs, and which organizations could help. 
Which SDG(s) fit(s) the topic. 

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Situation 1: Syria and Iraq
The Situation: The war in Syria is the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. After nearly four years, more than three million people have fled to safety in neighboring countries, but more than seven million are displaced and still trapped inside the besieged country. Two-thirds of the population is now in need of urgent humanitarian assistance — they have no homes, no jobs, no school, no security, no ability to meet their basic needs

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Situation 2: Ukraine
The Situation: Since early 2014, government and rebel forces have been fighting for control of the eastern region of Ukraine. The conflict has thus far killed thousands of civilians and left more than one million people displaced within the country.

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Situation 3: South Sudan
The Situation: The world’ youngest nation has been battered by civil war since political violence erupted in the capital of Juba in December 2013. The conflict soon spread across the country, destabilizing markets and forcing more than one million people to flee their homes. Many ran into the bush with nothing on their backs but their children.

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Situation 4: Nigiria
The Situation: Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and is, in many ways, a model of prosperous development in Africa. But stark economic inequalities remain — roughly 70-percent of the population lives in poverty, and women and girls have especially-limited access to education and resources.

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Situation 5: Central Africa
The Situation: The Central African Republic (CAR) is one of the world’s poorest countries, and has long been plagued by marauding bands of rebel fighters. A violent coup in 2013 only made things worse for struggling citizens. Since then, the country has descended into lawlessness, and basic services like clean water, education and health care are minimal.

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Situation 6: Afganistan

The Situation: With a newly-elected government in place and most American military forces leaving the country, Afghanistan’s future is uncertain as the Taliban may look to make a resurgence. The past year has seen an increase in violence and conflict-related displacement, with more than 150,000 people forced to flee their homes.

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Situation 7: Liberia
The Situation: The Ebola epidemic that began nearly a year ago has taken a serious toll on the people of Liberia, and the fight still isn’t over. Cases of the deadly disease have dropped to just a small number, but it only takes one new case to potentially spark another outbreak. Awareness about the disease, along with its causes and symptoms, has increased greatly, but communities must remain vigilant to eradicate Ebola completely.

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Situation 8: Somalia
The Situation: While the northern area of Somalia has remained fairly calm in recent years, the south has seen increasing insurgent attacks and instability. The country is still recovering from more than two decades of strife and the 2011 drought and famine, which was the worst that the region has seen in 60 years.

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Situation 9: Tsunami Asia 
The Situation: Tsunami waves more than 100 feet high pound the Banda Aceh coast, killing about 170,000 people and destroying buildings and infrastructure.  Beaches in southern Thailand are hit by the tsunami.

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