Pruiken en revoluties - Les 5

Today's planning
- 2. 5 Napoleon in the Netherlands

- Homework check

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Today's planning
- 2. 5 Napoleon in the Netherlands

- Homework check

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- Test is next week!

- The test will be an open book test

- New period = more lessons!

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2. 5 Napoleon in the Netherlands
At the end of this lesson you can answer the following questions:
1. What was the Batavian Revolution?
2. What was the role of Napoleon in 
the Netherlands?
3. How was the rule of Napoleon ended?

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Problems in the Netherlands
During the 18th century the Dutch Republic began to decline:

  • The profits of the WIC and VOC went down.
  • Expensive wars against England. 
  • Dissatisfied with stadtholder William V of Orange, who ruled like an absolute king. 

People who protested against William V called themselves Patriots and formed an army!

Remember this?

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Problems in the Netherlands
William V had powerfull friends and family. The King of Prussia helped William to get rid of the Patriots

Most Patriots fled to France, where the French Revolution was happening. 

The Patriots joined the French Army to conquer the Dutch Republic.

Upon arrival William fled to England and the Patriots were in charge!!
This event is called the Batavian Revolution!
2.3 + 2.4

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Problems in the Netherlands
Remember the radicals and moderates  from the French revolution?
Same thing happened in the Batavian Republic!

Radical Patriots wanted a central government in The Hague.
The moderate patriots were already happy enough by getting rid of William. 

In the meantime Napoleon became ruler of France. He did not like the unrest in the Batavian Republic so he made his brother Louis Napoleon king of Holland!           (yeah, just like that!)

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Napoleon in the Netherlands
Napoleon was not impressed by his brother and made the Netherlands officially a part of France in 1810. 

Napoleon loved his military operations. But his decision to invade Russia was not a smart move. For the first time in many years Napoleon had lost a war. 

Other European rulers saw this as a oppurtunity to get rid of Napoleon. They put their armies together and defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. 

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 Homework check

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question 4. (fill in the blank space)
The patriots were unhappy with........

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question 4. (fill in the blank space)

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question 4. (fill in the blank space)

They joined the French army to conquer the Dutch Republic and then the stadtholder.......

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question 4. (fill in the blank space)

The Batavian Revolution happened; this meant that......

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question 5.

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What now?
Use this time to:

  • Check your answers 
    I put all the answers of Chapter 2 on Teams

  • Study for the test
    The test will be about 2.1, 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5

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Next week!
Go over your homework, your notes etc. 

Next week we have 1 lesson left to practise and to answer all your questions!

Use it!

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