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What are we going to do today?
 The Reformation in Europe (2.1)
Watch videi
Do exercises

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  • Give examples of protestant reformers. Name at least two
  • What were the causes of the reformation? Name at least three

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The Reformation
Reform of the Catholic church
Let's read page 32
Do ex 3B page 41

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Split in the church
Read page 33

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What kind of things were wrong in the Catholic church?

Slide 8 - Woordweb

Slide 9 - Video

The Reformation Begins
  • 1517: Luther protested against what, in his opinion, was wrong with the Catholic Church by posting his 95 theses
  • The pope excommunicated Luther and wants him arrested
  • 1521: Luther is ordered to the Diet at Worms to take back his words

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After the Diet of Worms
  • Luthers supporters form the Lutherans and use Luthers protests to justify a split of the Catholic Church
  • Their radical ideas spread all over Germany and causes violence against priests
  • = the start of the Reformation

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Do exercise 4,6,7 page 41

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What are we going to do?
William of Orange announcement 
1. Recap Reformation and Maarten Luther and Calvin
2. Differences between Catholicism and Protestantism
3. Henry the VIII (video)
4. Counter reformation
5. Consequences of the Reformation

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William of Orange
The musical
Assembly Hall (aula)

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What does Luther see in Rome that irritates him?
priests spend too much time praying
the clergy live too luxuriously
people worship relics
people refuse to worship the pope
clerics are sleeping with women
people worship images of saints

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Put the events in the correct chronological order
Luther must appear before the Emperor
Luther visits Rome
Luther writes his 95 theses
Luther translates the Bible into German
Luther burns the pope's letter

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Statement 1: Before Luther, there was only one Christian Church:
the Catholic Church.
Statement 2: After Luther, the Catholic Church was replaced by many
different Protestant Churches
Both statements are true
Both statements are false
Only Statement 1 is true
Only statement 2 is true

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With his Ninety-five Theses, Luther protested against
what in his opinion:

was wrong with society
was wrong with religion in general
was wrong with Catholics
was wrong with the Catholic Church

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French Protestants
  • Johan Calvin protested the Catholic Church
  • French protestants = Huguenots
  • Civil War between Catholics and Huguenots
  • 1598: Edict of Nantes: Huguenots get more autonomy

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Contact met god door geestelijken
Direct contact met god en dominee legt de bijbel uit
Celibatair (geen seks en niet trouwen)
Niet celibatair
Geestelijken staan boven gelovigen
Dominee staat gelijk aan andere gelovigen
Verering van heiligen en relikwieën
Geen vereringvan heiligen en relikwieën
Verschil tussen katholieken en protestanten

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Henry VIII, read page 34

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Slide 24 - Video

Ex 10
1. What were the names of the six wives?
2. How did their marriage with Henry VII end?

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The Counter Reformation
Read the counter-reformation

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The Catholic Church defends itself
  • 1545 (-1563): Church meeting that started the Counter-Reformation
  • Protestants = heretics
  • Inquisition should actively hunt them down and force them to become Catholic again
  • Protestant books were forbidden and listed on the Index

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-The Protestant Reformation or Reformation, which caused Christianity in Western Europe to split into the Catholic Church and the Protestant Churches.
- Bloody religious wars
- Heretics are persecuted
- Critical books are banned (index)

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Which measure taken by the Catholic Church can you see on this picture?

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Read 2.2: Causes of the revolution
Make a summary of 2.1
Do:  ex 4, 6, 7, 8 of par 2.1

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In your own words, what was the Protestant Reformation?

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