Thursday 21/1 

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Thursday 21/1 

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  • to learn more about US politics, the inauguration in particular
  • to practice listening 

1. introduction to yesterday's events
2. The past four years - the Trump Administration
3. Biden's speech - gap listening
4. Wrapup - knowledge&vocab check

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1. Introduction to yesterday's events 
The ceremony started with the Pledge of Allegiance. 
What do you think this is? 

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I think the 'Pledge of Allegiance' is...

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1. introduction to yesterday's events:
The name of the American anthem is
God save the Queen
Land of Hope and Glory
The Star Spangled Banner
The National Anthem

Slide 8 - Quizvraag

It is called The Star Spangled
Banner because the stars and
stripes on the flag refer to ...

Slide 9 - Open vraag

2. The Trump Administration
Watch the BBC video about the Trump Administration. 

1. Write down some examples why  Trump was  an unconventional president according to the BBC. 
2. Why was Trump impeached the first time? 

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What made Trump an unconventional president?

Slide 12 - Open vraag

Trump is the only president to have been impeached twice. What was he impeached the first time and why now?

Slide 13 - Open vraag

3. Listening 
Listen to part of Biden's inauguration speech and complete the gaps.  

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1. Inauguration 
2. to announce his policy 
3. Administration
4. President elect 
5. Democracy will prevail 
6. a controversial president 
7. an unconventional decision
4. Wrapup: vocab - explain/translaten in Dutch 

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