Propose Paris

Dear Ms Backx, will you go to Paris with us? 
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Dear Ms Backx, will you go to Paris with us? 

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Our goal:
First practise creating a proposal; more pictures than words. 

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What do you need? 
* Your photos from Paris
* Your laptop with an account on
* The internet for additional information

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Who / with whom? 
Work in groups of 4 or 5 students. Each of you hads a role within the group: 1) gathers the photographs 2) adds a max. of 30 words in total (credits not included) 3) creates the Prezi 
4) presents the Prezi 5) uses the internet for more info.

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How to present? 
Learn to give a presentation supported by Perhaps you need to play with the software a little before you create this Prezi. 
Creator and Presenter work closely together here. 

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What will you present? 
You are going to propose a trip to Paris based on last week's experience. Use eloquent and enthusiastic language. The words 'very', 'good' and 'bad' are not allowed. Consider your sentences. Reading is not really allowed but a flashcard is.

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When? Where?  
Week 38: 30 minutes in class; 30 minutes at home.
Contact each other via Teams, for example?
Week 39: presentations 

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Possible elements:
* Methods of transport to/in Paris
* Things to see/visit?
* Things to do/experience?
Where (&What) do we eat?
* Where shall we sleep?
& ** What to buy? 

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Tips and Tops from audience on these elements:
* Your collaboration shows in your presentation
* Your language is well-considered
* The Prezi is finished, complete and attractive

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