4.3 American way of life

CH4 World after the War
4.3 The American way of life
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CH4 World after the War
4.3 The American way of life

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What was last lesson about?

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Name a positive and negative effect of capitalism

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American way of life
  • Consumer society
  • Freedom
  • Pop culture

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Goals of the lesson
You can explain..
  • You can explain how Americans used their consumer society to gain influence in the world.
  • you can explain how American pop culture influenced Dutch society.

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American dream

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The American dream
Before WWII -> end of crisis in the US
  • war industry
  • women and black Americans a job
After WOII -> welfare - american way of life
  • consumer society
  • baby boom
  • holidays, amusement parks, fast food, television -> commercial channels

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The American dream didn't apply to everyone!

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Influence of television

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The television
  • T.V. was a truly new medium in the 1950s.
  • In 1955, 2/3 of the Americans already had a television
  • Commercial channels with their hidden advertising further awakened consumption (Soaps)

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Youth cultures
  • Young people got more money and free time -> youth culture
  • Distinguished by clothing, music, going out etc. !
  • music: rock 'n roll, Elvis Presley
  • Movie: Marilyn Monroe, James Dean

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Young people started to develop their own taste and lifestyle. For example in the field of music, film, clothing and going out!

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Youth: Pop Culture and Sex Symbols
Artists like Elvis Presley started a revolution in the way young people behaved. 

Moviestars like Marilyn Monroe were considered as Sex Symbols and adored by many men in the US and beyond.

Sadly both of them died young..

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D-Day (6 June 1944)

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  • After 1945, Western Europeans started using more and more American products.
  • American products and culture were massively disseminated through the market and the media
  • American products and culture were massively disseminated through the market and the media

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Prosperous America

1941-1945: American soldiers introduced to Europe:

1. Pleasures such as chocolate, cigarettes, 

    chewing gum etc.

2. American music

 Because of American prosperity, consumption, exports and Marshall aid, Europe quickly came out of the post-war crisis and optimism arose!

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Explain the Marshall plan

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The Marshall plan

Because of the Marshall aid the American way of life was spread all over Western Europe. 

The consequence was that the Netherlands became a consumer society as well.

And the youth started to rebel against their parents.

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