2.2 lorenz curve (class 7 - 2024)

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How was your holiday?

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1. Short explanation + assignment

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Lesson goals
At the end of the class you are:

- able to explain what prosperity means
- Explain what GDP and growth rates stand for
- Know what to do to prepare for the test

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Final class before the test of chapter 2

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Cumulatief  % inkomen
Cumulatief % huishouden

Horizontal axe shows the cummulative percentage of households 

Vertical axe  shows the cumulative percentage of incomes

Lorenzcurve starts always with (0,0) because 0% of the population makes 0% of the income


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make assignment on page 32 (a tm i) from building block 2.2

c. = the richest 20% has on average 4 times as much income as the poorest 20%
d = how much does the richest 20% own? How much does the poorest 20% own? 
Divide these percentages of the two groups (richest 20%/poorest 20%)

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What do you need to know for the test?
- Understand and calculate with primary, transfer and national incomes
- Be able to calculate and explain the national income (total primary income in a country) and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
- Understand and exlain what is meant with the HDI (Human Development Index)

- Understand and exlain what is meant with the factors of production (labour/capital/nature/entrepreneurship)  and link these to the right incomes
- Understand and exlain what is meant with income distribution
- Be able to draw a Lorenz curve and explain what is shown with this figure
- Understand and exlain what is meant with prosperity
- Understand and exlain what is meant with growth rates
- Calculate with big numbers

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How to prepare for the test
Learn the theory from the book

Redo/check difficult assignments

Complete the building block assignments 

Difficult topics? --> search for an explanation video on youtube

Test is a combination of theory and calculations

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