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A Fresh Start
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A Fresh Start

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Your personal boundaries are important in any relationship with your partner, a friend, or your children. It means that you dare to defend your own truths.
Personal Boundaries

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Different Types of Boundaries
Material boundaries: ex. decide to lend something to someone. 
Physical boundaries: ex. can someone touch your pregnant belly or do you accept hearing your neighbour's music.  
Mental boundaries: ex. do you know what you believe, and can you hold onto your opinions? 
Emotional boundaries: ex. do you feel guilty when someone feels bad about something.
Sexual boundaries: protect your comfort level with sexual touch and activity – what, where, when, and with whom.
Spiritual boundaries: your beliefs and experiences in connection with God or a higher power.

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Practice Cases for Different Boundaries
Material boundaries: your boss is running late for a meeting and can't find his car keys, he asks you to lend him your car. What do you say?
Physical boundaries: your colleague starts massaging your shoulders as you told him/ her they were stiff. What do you say?
Mental boundaries: your boss wants you to come to work even though you have a cold, you feel it is irresponsible. What do you say? 
Emotional boundaries: your mother is feeling a bit lonely at the moment. How do you feel?
Sexual boundaries: your partner want to kiss you in class. What do you say? 
Spiritual boundaries: you are having a chat with a colleague about religion. He or she says that there is only one belief and that is in God. What do you say? 

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My Personal Boundaries
Write about your own boundaries, one for each type.
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Can Do Economie A2- Unit 1​

Grammar: ​
- Can Do Online - Can Do Economie - A2 - Unit 1 - Grammatica - Toekomst: be going to -Toekomst: be going to <> shall / will 3​

- Can Do Online - Can Do Economie - A2 - Unit 1 - Grammatica - Onregelmatige werkwoorden -Onregelmatige werkwoorden 1 en 2​
Can Do Online Grammar

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Some Help
Future with be going to and will
Be going to + infinitive
When: - Planned events - A decision before the moment of speaking - A prediction based on something we can see (or hear) now. 

Will + infinitive
When: - A decision at the moment of speaking - A prediction based on opinion - A future fact - For promises / requests / refusals / offers 
Note: For I and we in questions we use shall

Irregular verbs​

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Can Do Economie A2- Unit 1​

Can Do Online - Can Do Economie - A2 Unit 1 -Woorden Economie - Woordoefening 6
Can Do Online Vocabulary

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Have a beautiful day! 

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