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Welcome to Art 2t
My name is Ms. Koppe
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Welcome to Art 2t
My name is Ms. Koppe

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  • Bring your own pencils every week
  • Listen when you are supposed to
  • Work on your portfolio, I will explain you later about that
  • Try to speak English! If necessary; 'Ik kan soms naar het Nederlands schakelen'
  • Show me the best you can and improve yourself
  • Have fun with the assignments

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What do you remember from last year?

Slide 3 - Woordweb

Things you are supposed to know
Line - Different types of lines
Shape - geometric, organic, contrast in shape, symmetry
Color - Primary, secondary en tertiary colors, color contrasts, mixing colors 
Texture - Texture and patterns

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What type of line do you see in the picture
Dotted curvy line
Dashed loopy line
dotted loopy line
Curvy dashed line

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What kind of shape do you see in the picture
Geometric shapes
3d Shapes
Organic Shapes
Contrast in shape

Slide 7 - Quizvraag

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What color do you get when you mix blue and red

Slide 9 - Quizvraag

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Organic pattern
Geometric pattern
Hairy texture

Slide 11 - Sleepvraag

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Make a folder with your name on it.

Your name will be in one point perspective.

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Slide 15 - Video

Follow the instructions

  • Begin by sketching a horizontal line to create a horizon.
  • Establish a vanishing point on the horizon line (centre)
  • Use geometric shapes to outline the letters of your name.
  • Use one-point perspective to give the letters a 3D appearance.
  • Ensure that all lines that move away from you converge towards the vanishing point.
  • Once you've completed the drawing, enhance it with colored pencils. Create a strong color contrast for an impactful result. (Foreground vs. Background)

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Action plan
  1. Draw your first name with organic shaped letters
  2. Draw your last name smaller with geometric shaped letters
  3. Add your class do way you like
  4. Use different line types
  5. Use a color contrast between your first and last name
  6. Use one or more patterns and textures in a way you like
  7. Use an HB pencil for sketching, use colored pencils for everything else
  8. Warning: Don't make your design too big! -> Only 2 lessons

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