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Make your own food vlog
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Make your own food vlog

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  • What do you eat for breakfast (during the weekend)?
  • Making a food vlog
  • Watching: Best Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo Recipe
  • Finding a recipe
  • Making a grocery list
  • Homework 20/1: vocabulary building cooking
  • Enrichment listening: the case for eating bugs
  • Enrichment writing: restaurant review

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Make your own Food Vlog
You are going to make a cooking/baking video from home. For this you need to select a recipe for which you need at least 5 ingredients.
You will receive a mark (cijfer) for this vlog.

The goals for this assignment are:
- You can introduce the dish you are going to prepare
- You can name all the ingredients and amounts
- You can describe all the steps

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-    Explain what you are going to make and why you chose it.
-    Show all the ingredients you have and say what they are.
-    Walk through all the steps in the recipe and make sure you say each step out loud.
-    Show what you’re doing – you really have to cook or bake something.
-    Show the end product .
-    Try to make it fun.
-    Make sure your video lasts 2-3 minutes if you’re doing it alone, or 3-4 minutes for 2 people.
-    Edit the video

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Pay attention!
- You are allowed to work together on this assignment with ONE other student from your class, but follow the corona rules and be careful, please!
- Also make sure both of you have enough speaking time!
So, we don't want one of you to be the cook and the other to be the camera person.

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Example video
Now, watch the example video on the next slide. Pay attention to Chris' vlog. Note  down some tips and tops for Chris. You can type them in at the slides after the video.

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Slide 7 - Video

What do you like about Chris' food vlog?
Write down your tops below:

Slide 8 - Open vraag

What could Chris improve?
Write down your tips below:

Slide 9 - Open vraag

What are you going to cook or bake?
Search the internet for a recipe (in English!) you would like to make. When you have found something to your liking, make sure it fits the requirements on slide 4!

For instance, does it excist of at least 5 ingredients?
Can you explain why you chose it?
But also, can you buy all the ingredients in our supermarkets?
And, is it not too expensive? So, will your parents approve (zullen je ouders het goed vinden)?

Slide 10 - Tekstslide

What are you going to prepare?
What is your dish called?

Slide 11 - Open vraag

Make a shopping list
Make a shopping list for the recipe you have chosen. Send in your shopping list in the next slide.

Slide 12 - Tekstslide

Type your shopping list below, please.

Slide 13 - Open vraag

Vocabulary building cooking
In your Som messages you will find a document called vocabulary building cooking. Table 1 looks like this:

Please, fill out this table. You are allowed to use a dictionary or work together  with your neighbour.

Slide 14 - Tekstslide

Vocabulary building cooking
Table 2 looks like this:

Fill out this table too. Save your document on your computer. Make a screenshot of both tables and upload them to the next slides.

Slide 15 - Tekstslide

Upload the screenshot of your table about tastes and textures, please.

Slide 16 - Open vraag

Upload the screenshot of your table about cooking verbs, please.

Slide 17 - Open vraag

Homework Monday the 24th of January:
  • Finish this LessonUP-lesson. The enrichment assignments are optional!
  • Make sure you have found a nice recipe and have made a shopping list. 

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Enrichment assignment listening
 Watch and listen to the video on the next slide. You may stop or repeat the video as many times as you like. Then, answer the listening questions on the slides that follow.
Tip: if you click the 'ondertiteling' button, you can also read what Anna is saying.

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Slide 20 - Video

Finish this sentence:
1. Whether the idea of eating insects grosses you out or not depends on ...

Slide 21 - Open vraag

Finish this sentence:
2. Insects are included in the in the traditional diet of at least ...

Slide 22 - Open vraag

3. Name three reasons why it is easier to eat bugs in the tropics:

Slide 23 - Open vraag

Finish this sentence:
4. The fact that most people in the US & Europe regard the idea of eating bugs with disgust is mostly ...

Slide 24 - Open vraag

5. What is entomophagy?

Slide 25 - Open vraag

Finish this sentence:
6. Insects are efficient at ...

Slide 26 - Open vraag

It takes a lot of food to raise a cow to maturity.
7. It takes ... less feed to produce the same amount of cricket meat.

Slide 27 - Open vraag

8. Bugs can be a great source of ..., ..., ... .
Name 3 things.

Slide 28 - Open vraag

How do these bugs taste?
9. Crickets taste ...

Slide 29 - Open vraag

How do these bugs taste?
10. Scorpians taste like ...

Slide 30 - Open vraag

Enrichment assignment 2
Write a review about your favourite restaurant.

Some tips/ideas:
1. Use an informal or semi-formal style.
2. In the title, give the main idea or opinion.
3. Write about the important parts of the experience, not every detail.
4. Organise your ideas into paragraphs.
5. Write about the good and the bad.

Slide 31 - Tekstslide

Take a picture of the review you have written and send it in here.

Slide 32 - Open vraag