Of Mice and Men - Introductory Lesson

Of Mice and Men - Introduction
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Of Mice and Men - Introduction

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  • Introduction to novel
  • Introduction to 1937 America (video)
  • Read by yourself or Listen to audibook? (4 pages)
  • Taking notes
  • Evaluation
  • At the end of this lesson you have read the first two pages of the novel
  • You can create a list of who George&Lennie are, what their relationship is and what class they're in.

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Do you know George&Lennie are, what their relationship is and what class they're in?
Yes, but I'll have to study the notes
Yes, I won't forget
No, I'll have to study the notes

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Of Mice and Men
In period 4 you are going to read a short novel 
called Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

This lesson is the first introduction to the story and themes

Have fun and actively participate! 

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The Title
The title of the novel comes from a poem by the 18th century Scottish poet Robbie Burns.

It is about a mouse which carefully builds a winter nest in a wheat field, only for it to be destroyed by a ploughman. 

The mouse had dreamed of a safe, warm winter and is now faced with the harsh reality of cold, loneliness and possible death. 

There is a parallel here with George and Lennie's joyful fantasy of a farm of their own, and its all-too-predictable destruction at the end of the story.          Listen to the original Scottish poem >>>

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Of Mice and Men has several themes, the two most important ones are: 
loneliness and dreams
Foreshadowed (voorspelt) by the reference to Burns' mouse

These two themes interlock: 
people who are lonely have most need of dreams to help them through. 

There is another theme: Friendship.         Listen to the poem: Us Two >>>

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1. What exactly is 'friendship'?

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3. What will determine whether or not a person is a ‘friend’?

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5. Why is friendship important?

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7. What can a strong friendship allow us to do?

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Name the three themes

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Lesson 2
Quiz last time's knowedge
Discuss pages 4 t/m 9
Taking notes

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What do we know about Lennie? (looks/personality/class)

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What do we know about George (looks/personality/class)

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Where are George and Lennie and what are they doing?

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Give a short summary of the pages you've read at home

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