Reading - Bad company

What do you have to do? 
  • Read chapter 1 of Bad Company 
  • Answer the questions in LessonUp 
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What do you have to do? 
  • Read chapter 1 of Bad Company 
  • Answer the questions in LessonUp 

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Reading skills

Lesson Goal: 

1. You can read a chapter and say in Dutch what you have read.
2. You have learned at least 3 new words

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  • Read chapter 1
  • Answer the questions in the LessonUp
  • Write a short summary of chapter 1

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Now you are going to read chapter 1
While reading the chapter answer the questions 
in this lesson up.


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Why is reading important?

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Look at the front cover of the book. What can you see? How do you think it is connected to the title?

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Look at the maps. >>>>>>
Where do you think the story takes place? Why?

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Look at the list of people in the story on page 4.
There are two groups of people who work together. What do they do? Who doesn’t belong to either group? Why?

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Where is Helen Shepherd when the story starts?
In the shower
In bed
In the living room
In het kitchen

Slide 10 - Quizvraag

How does she feel and why? What does she do to feel better?

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Who is Brian Webb?
How does he behave towards Helen Shepherd and why?

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Look at the picture on page 9. Who are the six people you can see?

Slide 13 - Open vraag

How did the woman die and when?

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What three jobs does Webb have to do while Shepherd has breakfast?

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Geef een korte samenvatting van H1 in het Nederlands, min. 6 zinnen

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Next lesson: 
  • Read the next chapter of Bad Company
  • Have another look at the grammar for the test

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