Going to & Will

What are we going to do today?
Today we are going to talk about the future forms:

  • Going to 
  • Will

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What are we going to do today?
Today we are going to talk about the future forms:

  • Going to 
  • Will

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Objetivos de aprendizaje
(Learning objectives)
After this lesson, you will be able to

  • Understand the future tense 
  • Use 'will' to describe the future
  • Use 'going to' to describe the future
  • To form simple sentences with 'will' and going to'

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How do we make the 'going to' form?
Am/ is /are +  going to  +  verb.                 

  • Things that are very obvious and we know for sure.
  • Talk about plans or intentions
  • Immediate predictions

Example - She's going to work in a shop

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Use the 'going to' form.
What are your plans for the evening? 
  • Write 6 sentences, 3 about, 3 about your friend.
  • You can use this words
Am/ is /are + going to + verb. 
Watch a movie                                                 Do sport
Play computer games                                 Go out with friends              
Study                                                                   Cook dinner
Listen to music                                               Surf the internet
Example: Pedro is going to study this evening

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How do we make the 'will' form?
Will + verb       

  •  We use ''will'' to show what we think (prediction)
  •  Decisions that come suddenly
  •  Long term prediction 

*Note: 'll is the short form of will. We use it after I, You, He, They and There. We don't use it in Name or other Nouns

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Use the 'will' form
Think about the future. Make 4 predictions. -->1 prediction in the negative form.  

  1. University (yes/no)
  2. Get married (yes/no)
  3. Children (yes/no)
  4. Home (house/ flat)
Example : My brother will go to university. I won't go to university.

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Let's do some practice 
Which one is correct??

Tom is going to eat an sandwich
Tom will eat a sandwich

The house is going to burn down
The house will burn down

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Exercise 'going to' & 'will'
  1. Philipp .... 15 next Wednesday (to be)
  2. They .... a new computer. (to get)
  3. I think my mother .... this CD (not like) 
  4. Paul's sister .... a baby (to have)
  5. They ... at about 4 in the afternoon (to arrive)
  6. In 2025 people .... more hybrid cars (to buy)
  7. We .... to Amsterdam in June (to fly)
  8. Look at the clouds! It .... rain (to rain)
  9. In 2024 the football club Ajax .... the Champions League. (to win)

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Philipp will be 15 next Wednesday 
They are going to get a new computer. 
I think my mother won't like this CD 
Paul's sister is going to have a baby 
They will arrive at about 4 in the afternoon 
In 2025 people will buy more hybrid cars 
We are going to fly to Amsterdam in June 
Look at the clouds! It is going to rain rain 
In 2024 the football club Ajax will win the Champions League. 

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How was the lesson for you?

Which part did you like?

What can i do better next time?

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